Why are climatologists cheering this volcano



The eruption of Mt Pinatubo, in 1991, was a critical moment in climate science.


As the video above explains, James Hansen’s temperature projections included, as a test – a built-in assumption of a large volcanic eruption in the tropics in the early 90s.

Experts comment on the accuracy of Hansen’s projections, as proven out in his modeling of the global change following the eruption.

Short version: It happened, and it showed the models were correct.

Now, a new major eruption in Indonesia might be large enough to help test and refine the models yet again.

That would be, Mt Sinabung, Indonesia


In the bizzaro-world view of deniers, they will use the volcano as ‘proof’ humanity shouldn’t waste time and money trying to reduce pollution, since mother nature will supposedly make any gains we make inconsequential through natural processes like volcanoes.

Their invented facts are protected by ignorance (both willful and real), so the volcano can be used by both sides to bolster opposing positions.