What's with the Ignoring Coronavirus - Airlines, Hotel chains, etc

It’s come to my attention through some connections that travel and stay within big hotel chains, nothing seems being getting done to inform employees about coronavirus or best practices regarding the need for heightened attention to through cleaning and hygiene practices, more attention to cleaning surfaces, and even down to more thoughtfulness, attentiveness to laundry and trash removal practices.

But, most seem silent. Well, Since I realize my bandwidth is narrow, I've started this thread to invite folks to share examples of companies being proactive in education and preparedness.
Sorry Tim, I know you've got another thread going - February 23, 2020 at 7:30 pm - So far it's looking mainly at the medical aspect, and here I want to focus on the lack of communicating Best Practices to public and workers. Most fundamental precautions to take have been mentioned already in various comments threads. It's not like we haven't had plenty of time to think about the coming pandemic, which doesn't mean the end of world - but it's certainly going to change things and the less we do to slow it down the worse it's going to be, it's really that simple.

So why not remind everyone especially hotel, airline, airport (although I imagine they are on this better than others), food industries, sporting/convention center, etc., hell all of us. - of the scientific understanding,

not just the “facts” but a description people can process, which will directly impact future behavior if the message hits home. None of it requires higher education to grasp, simple respect for fundamental science and the basics is all it takes.

It’s the communal mass ignorance and disinterest, that feeds panics and help make things worse - yet we learn so slowly.

Restaurants are dangerous too right now because many workers, even though they are not suppose to work with a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, they often do because they do not have health insurance nor do they get paid time off and no one pays attention. Hellmart is almost as bad, but as a cashier I’ve taken to wearing gloves, like many other (not all) cashiers have. I have severe and chronic sinusitis, so anything I can use as a reminder not to touch my face, especially while handling money, is a good thing. However, rather than risk my life and others, I’ll risk my job if I get a fever and all concerning the flu and this crap. My husband was going to take us out to eat for our anniversary, but I said maybe we should put eating out on hold for a while. That’s the sector that could be just as bad if not worse than hotels and airlines with spreading the disease.

WE DON’T KNOW (who has the virus). Because all of last month in which strategically ramping up and administering massive testing, NEVER TOOK PLACE.

That, in itself, should be considered medical negligence and or unacceptable administrative incompetence, or both.

RIGHT NOW, the COVID-19 virus, might exist in small pockets of people in a small number of areas in the USA. OR it might exist in broad swaths of vectors of people thru large and various areas of our population.

<i>Our current ignorance is due to the reality that the basic step of ramping up and administering testing was never done!! Until now. AND the current movement, in a functional direction, seems to me, only to be happening because people are finally starting to recognize the danger. IOW, we the ignorant masses cannot rely on persons in authority to do what needs to be done, to protect us, until we get in their face about it.</i>

<i></i>But going on what we DO know, we are not seeing an uptick in deaths from pneumonia. Or is that because we are not looking? eg, “Was there an increase in deaths from pneumonia in the USA during February?” Since it is possible that the Virus was in the USA as early as January, we might expect to see an increase in the death rate of persons dying from pneumonia, especially in late February. That info should be in a database somewhere, no? Someone should look it up.

If the death rate from pneumonia did not go up at all, in February, that would be consistent with what we are being told, that the spread of the disease has been very limited.

But this is not a situation in which it is ultimately beneficial for “officials” or “experts” to say things are true, when what is actually true is that we do not yet know.