What will it take to make South Korea and North Korea into one single country?

Because of Capitalism and Communism A country that had nothing in the conflict between the West and East was divided and it’s people divided for what’s going to be A century soon. What can be done to return korea into one whole country ? It’s economy ? Military Structure ?

Here some ideas any help for the Koreans

Korean reunification is possible there 4 or 5 factors needed just going to make possible. in 100 yrs it could be united because reality the situation with China is keyfactor. They must make A deal where they will see Asia interest first and not occident. Second they must use Economy it will be the the biggest factor to make it possible. Making household prices so cheap and encourage the public for unity. Propaganda , cinema , culture keep it up for 30 yrs and it will be 100 or 200 of billions of dollars wasted but for the cause it would work. Then third factor is technology it will be A double edge sword because the right tecnology must be used so the state does not become punitive and dictatorship but freedom based government exist like in the western countries.

Fourth deal must also made for the occident so the westernes can’t use it for war and make peace deals for China and USA. The fifth and crucial of this tactics I won’t say better later say it for it is vital information and will be very important.

Korean unification is possible but to be hasty and think it doesnt have too many tricks to make it possible and avoid nuclear war at all costs is not foolhardy. One day it will happen first G-d the koreans know it was the world banks that wanted the korean war against the soviet union it all ended bad and the korea had to pay the price.

It will be undone because technology changes everything.

Yes, indeed. Compare the South Korean economy with the North Korean economy.

Who should come begging?

North Korea more developed than South Korea before USA stepped in and carpet bombed it

No. That is not the reason for poverty. Healthy economies recover from disasters very quickly.

The Fall of North Korea

North Korea’s dramatic growth was not to last. By the 1990s, propelled by its own industrial revolution and increased openness to international trade, South Korea’s per capita GDP far surpasses that of North Korea. Thirty years later, South Korea’s per capita GDP is 40 times greater than North Korea’s.

While South Korea experiences dramatic export-led growth, North Korea is reeling from the collapse of the Soviet Union. Losing by far its greatest source of oil, and lacking alternative forms of energy generation, North Korea becomes unable to generate enough electricity. In the early 1990s, the country is driven into widespread famine.

Over the course of several years, floods, a reduction in aid and poor planning triggers a 60% fall in food production. In an attempt to ease food shortages, Kim Il Sung’s government launches a ‘two meals a day’ campaign and mandates work in the fields.

Despite openly receiving Western aid for the first time, it is estimated that North Korea’s death toll from starvation and malnutrition summed to a million, or 5% the country’s population of 22 million.

See all the countries USA has carpet bombed

Germany ? Vietnam ?

Not many others.

Vietnam case is an interesting case if you want to compare. In both cases, the state is a communist dictatorship which depended from USSR help.

Vietnam got much more bombs that North Korea, much later and in 1980, Vietnamese economy was in a much worst state than the North Korean one. Vietnam reformed its economy in 1986 and today it is one of the fastest growing economy in the world.

Today, Vietnam got many problems, corruption among them, but between Vietnam and Korea, the choice is easy.

Anyway, in 1970, the effects of the bombing had been overcome. What happened after is strictly caused by the North Korean government inept policies.

And to answer the first question : What will it take to make South Korea and North Korea into one single country?

Only one thing: that North Korea become a democracy.

[Economy of Vietnam - Wikipedia]


Do you (anybody “you”) think SK could really take on the burden of absorbing NK without international aid?

Assume the international diplomacy accepted those changes for whatever reason (i.e. China says OK) it would be a heck of an undertaking to get NK up to speed with the rest of the world.

Also, there would likely be a flood of migrants from the North to the South.

USA would not like renunifucation as this would harm their excuse for military bases in the region.

What makes you think the US wants bases all over the world.

Moreover, US bases bring an entire economy with them. Closing bases usually results in the demise of the local economy.

Nah someone twisted their arm to have bases all over the world. They really don’t want to ( ROF)

Maybe something like the UK setup. Partly autonomous regional states under a centralized government.

Required Order Factor?

[What will it take to make South Korea and North Korea into one single country?]


Nope -_-. Try your luck another time.

Maybe he didn’t finish:

Biden’ Time
Wait long enough an NK will either collapse or be overthrown.

… but, again, would SK be strong enough to move in and take over?

Homey don’t play dat

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