What the hell. How about some Ozzy conspiracy theories?

In 1991 Ozzy released his sixth solo album, No More Tears. The title song of that album ends with the words, “It’s just a hand in the bush”.

In 2001 George Bush Jr. was elected president of the United States. It quickly became apparent that he wasn’t too bright and that the Sith Lord Dick Cheney. During both terms of his presidency Bush invoked Section 3 of the Twenty Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, actually transfering presidential power to Cheney for a short time. It is widely believed that Cheney held the real power in the White House as Jr just wasn’t that bright. Jr was believed to be a puppet which Cheny worked to secretly run the White House. And how do you work a puppet? You put your hand up inside that puppet. Therefore the proper text of the lyrics, which predicted the Bush Jr/Cheney presidency, are, “It’s just a hand in the Bush”, the “Bush” in this case referring to the 43rd president, worked like a puppet by his vice president, who is, himself, an evil alien clone robot who never bothered to get a heart from a wizard, though in March 2012, at age 71, he did finally manage to procure one.