What one calls a good decision

What one calls a good decision, in order for that decision to be really good,

and not that particular one imagining that the decision was good before that one having really thought about it,

that same decision has to be tried at least once in reality and one has to verify that it is not a problematic decision in reality,

let alone how many times a not problematic decision has to be tried and verified in reality, until most think that this is not just a not problematic decision in reality, this is also a decision that doesn’t waste time and effort for most…

…and then may become common sense for most, no?

Sorry, none of that makes sense.
There’s a lot on the internet about decision making.

Don’t let the desire for perfection get in the way of progress
Analysis Paralysis

Decide, act, move on.

If you have a Continuous Improvement process in place, maybe you’ll get it next time.

player, you may have as much desire for perfection as you want, but get it into your stupid head idiot…

…the way of progress in the universe is made for perfection, what…you thought the universe wasn’t perfect…

…and we all were waiting for your wisdom here idiot?

You won’t be here long.

No need to keep playing.

Yeah mrmhead, it’s tough trying to have a discussion with attitude.

Today’s meltdown in simple civility is as bad as the meltdown of our polar ice caps.

So how are things going in your world mrmhead?

Remember when we were kids and there was this fad of “Biorhythms” and the different phases that sometimes aligned high, or sometimes aligned low?

At the moment it seems like a number of my life’s phases (much more than 3) are on the downswing.
But this too shall pass.
No rash decisions.

I walked past the $95 bottle of bourbon, and bought my humble $34 brand :wink:

How 'bout you?

Actually I do remember that.
Also, I agree, all indicators are pretty low these days.
Like we didn’t have enough problems to deal with, the madmen need to start new nightmares, like the monstrosity in Ukraine which promises down the road problems beyond our imagining.

Pretty demoralizing. No rash decisions, good idea, stick with that $34 dollar bourbon and enjoy it and the moment as if it were the $95 bottle.

That weird balancing act, being aware of what’s happening, but not allowing it to crush one’s spirit. Sure helps me to have all this open land around me and good people in my life.

“Stop to smell the roses”

We had freezing rain a few days ago.
Everything coated in ice.
The sun is out today, with a gentle breeze
And the music is falling from the trees.

It started out as just a narrative, but it’s almost poetic :wink:

You remind me of early spring days in the mountains, they starts cold and silent,
and if you catch the right day,
After the birds welcome the morning and the sun rises,
the snow starts melting and the sound of little babbling brooks invades your consciousness
only to increase in volume,
evolving into a spectacular cacophony cumulative noise,
from dripping water to torrents cascading down rocks.

Catching it at the right time is pretty near a religious experience.

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