What makes a funny joke

We all know a lot of humor is based on tragedy or on an absurd premise.
We also use “misdirection” to startle the listener with an completely unexpected but true answer.
Some of the best jokes are open ended, where the listener completes the punch line himself.
I invite readers to find a favorite example of a specific technique in a joke. Might be fun.
I recently heard that Mr. Magoo never watched any of his own movies. I wonder why?

The priest/rabbi/Imam: “Do you read the book to your children every day.”
Father : " Yes, I do."
Priest/rabbi/imam: " Do they like it ? "
Father : " Very much! "
Priest/rabbi/imam: " Which is their favorite part? "
Father : " When Frodo destroys the ring. "
Priest/rabbi/imam faints

Does not exactly fulfills the requirement, but i did not want to open a new thread.

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