What Is "Slow Mode"?

What is going on with topics in “slow mode”? It says we have to wait 12 hrs to post again.

I just saw that myself.

I think it can also be called a COOL DOWN MODE.
Or the Sleep On It Mode.
Think about it a little bit before jumping into the fray again.

Looks to me like an attempt to force some THOUGHTFULNESS onto especially Hot Topics.

Imagine that, now the left has the gaul to expect us to think before we shout .

For myself, hats off to those who thought of this and saw it through.

We need each other to keep ourselves honest.

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I just got bit by the slo-mo bug.
I posted something earlier today, then I found more info and wanted to clarify.

But I couldn’t post new, and I couldn’t edit old.

So that leaves me open to trolls accusing me of spreading misinformation and supporting conspiracy theories. :wink:

Oh well.

Are there parameters you can set, as in maybe no more than 3 posts within 6 hours … for the “Hot Topics”?
Because 1 every 12 seems kind of long if you get into a real conversation.

Glad this topic ain’t Slo-Mo’d :laughing:

As far as I know, there’s only one topic in slo-mo and as far as I know, it was set that way to slow down a troll. However, I’m not sure it needs to stay on slo-mo now said person is silenced for the next couple of weeks.

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