We should boycott the Qatar world cup

2 immediate reasons:

  • the anti-environmental character of the event
  • the conditions under which the workers were used, underpaid and killed.

[Football fans: should we boycott the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?]

[2022 FIFA World Cup controversies - Wikipedia]

We can add the political and social organization:
[Politics of Qatar - Wikipedia]

Boycott gas exports from Qatar??

Not easy right now, but boycott the football World Cup is easy.
If nobody watches, the TV channels and the sponsors will be unhappy, as they would have spent huge amounts of money for nothing.

In that case dont boycott the world cup hypocrites

Have you seen football fans? I live in racist Chief’s Kingdom area and I’m telling you, during the Superbowl, they sounded like an insulting racist abomination. They will watch no matter what. Mahomes could be playing the worst in his life and they’d still be yelling at him through the TV. Boycotting isn’t going to happen.