Want to become an Ocean Hero?

There is a search engine app that is sponsored by several large corporations.

It is a normal search engine, but features beautiful rotating ocean scenes for your background.

Best of all, by using the search feature to visit regular internet shopping sites such as Amazon or fora like CFI, you accumulate points and for every 100 points a plastic bottle is removed from polluted beaches.

This link to CFI earned me 100 bottles removed from a polluted beach.

There is a feature that hides the shortcuts and yields a clear display of the ocean scenes.

I don’t know if I’d trust anything sponsored by large corporations.

I think Ocean Hero is a non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning up the beaches and oceans from plastic bottles, etc.

They probably depend on government grants and corporate donations.

The large corporations are donors to the cause but are also using this opportunity to increase traffic on their sites. That in itself is not offensive.
Amazon and Mercedes Benz are reputable organizations.

You can tell who the sponsors are by little hearts that stream past their name .

I leave it to anyone who is interested to check it out.

OceanHero is a search engine like any other. However, for every five searches you do, you recover one plastic bottle. Add OceanHero to your browser Rated (222 ) Why change my search engine? 18 billion pounds Every year, 18 billion pounds of plastic flow into our oceans. Add OceanHero to your browser Rated (222 ) one garbage truck per minute [Read more]

As we have no separate sub-forum on biology, I’ll use this thread to show a few pictures of the beauty that the ocean has spawned.

I’ll start with a worm, affectionally called a featherduster worm. This worm has feathers!

Quick Facts About the Featherduster Worm:

The geometry of crown is breathtaking and delicate

Note the iconic feather duster appearance, starting with the tube (handle) and large feathered crown

Interesting behaviors

The feathery crown that gives the feather duster worm its name is a specialized part of its body that is used to trap plankton and move them to its mouth.

These fan worms don’t have a face and eyes, but they are able to detect changes in the light and use that light sensitivity to protect them from predators.
If a feather duster worm detects a shadow or feels threatened, it will retreat into its tube for protection. Watching this game of peek-a-boo is definitely part of the appeal of adding this segmented worm to your tank.

Mama and baby

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For those who like to contribute to a clean earth.



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These are free pics. Enjoy !

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Pretty Pink Flamingos. :slight_smile:

Nature is filled with beauty. This is what inspired the saying;
" Natura Artis Magistra" (nature is the teacher of art (+science)

I know, but pink is my favourite colour.

Natura Artis Magistra

Will wonders ever cease?

A day at the beach

Concert by the Sea

The mathematical result of evolution