Vanamali Complaint - Ready to discuss

Once again, you are calling people liars, and now add racists to that. I can’t see your skin color, so don’t how I would do that. I guess the name could be a clue, but it never occurred to me. You are arguing an issue in a thread and using ad hominem attacks. Both of those are rule violations.

I always like to know when I’m wrong and how to correct myself. To that end, a link to my post, or anybody’s, that says there is “ONLY ONE” interpretation allowed, would be appreciated. I’ve already responded to the one where it was a reference to the theist interpretation. And, different theists have different interpretations too, so I just can’t find anywhere there is some official CFI one-and-only correct interpretation. That’s not a rule, and I never attempted to enforce anything like that. If I did, please correct me.

First of all, as I said before, You cannot wear two hats - when you are clearly involved with the issue & made your views known, you can’t remain the moderator at that point
Like a referee who has to stay away from the field of play, once you start playing for a side, you can’t call a foul on the other team
Now we have to walk on eggshells, watch what we say, because we see the moderator, who has too much power, taking a side
To be clear - Can I ask who YOU are? Are you a Theist or an Atheist?

About lying - you are referencing to my saying he is not an Atheist?
I am saying his actions do not match what he says he is, he says he is an Atheist but comes to the defense of an interpretation of a STORY in the Bible? It is not even a fact! That is strange behavior don’t you think?

“now add racists” You called me angry, that I was upset & here I was thinking I was discussing my views, I even told you that but you were too upset, late in the day and all
As a moderator you need to have a thicker skin - not react so quickly to perceived slights

And I have learnt a few tricks here - You are saying it would be all right for me to write “I showed this thread to my friend and he thinks that write4U is lying”, but not directly say it?
Also with calling you a racist - how about if I write - “I showed this thread to a friend of mine and he commented that is what happens to black people all the time - the trope of “angry black man””
Would that be all right?
Because both you and write4u used this trick on me in our discussions - not taking responsibility for what he wrote

" says there is “ONLY ONE” interpretation allowed" Hello! Write4U constantly says I am WRONG!
That means that only his interpretation must be allowed because it is the CORRECT one
It is an easy read for me

in a general way, a text is written, his author can write it and read it at the first degree. Readers can read it in the same way for centuries.

One day, a reader comes with a new interpretation, revealing hidden meanings.

Is he right, is is wrong ?

Bruno Bettelheim gave a psychoanalytic interpretation of the fairy tales.

[The Uses of Enchantment - Wikipedia]

[Fairy Tales and Freud: Psychoanalysis in Children’s Stories – Mari Ellis Dunning]

About Snow white, one may scrap Disney. b

Back to the tale, the good mother and the mother in law are the same person. When a child reaches 3, he begins to be confronted to adults demands, becomes conscious of them and resents that. His relationship to his parents changes.

The father and the hunter are the same. In fact, the father is on the side of the mother.

For Freud and successors, a child is a rival of his/her father mother/mother for the love of the parent of the other sex. White snows is about this rivalry.


I am not a psychoanalyst. This reading of the tale is very controverted and very far from the text.

We cannot say that any interpretation of a myth which goes beyond the apparent elements is wrong for this reason. Even if we disagree and are probably right to do.

That’s something you have to take up with CFI. It is their system. Other forums out there also have similar systems.

Legitimate question. I’m very atheist. You can read my posts, or follow my profile to or

This has been discussed. I don’t agree.

That was a judgment on my part and I’m willing to leave it behind. I don’t think I have said anything along those lines since the initial comment. I have been discussing specific rule violations since then and will stay on that topic. Mistakes I made in judging your character or mischaracterizing you are not justifications to break the rules.

I didn’t mean to imply you could use tricks. I have in the past suggested people ask friends for an opinion, so that’s fine. I can’t evaluate anonymous quotes though. But I would listen to whatever you say.

I don’t think we will resolve this easily. I don’t think he meant that. I’m not moderating you based on your interpretation anyway. I’ve listed the rules I think you violated and the specifics. There’s no rule against saying, “I think you are wrong”.

Who says?

We aren’t playing a sport.

Because he’s disagreeing with you he has too much power and is taking a side? In this forum and many other forums, mods are allow to participate in discussions and they are allowed to have opinions. This doesn’t mean they have too power. Now if a member violates a rule or rules because then the mod has to stop discussing and put on his mod hat. That’s how it’s done in many forums that I’ve participated in and that is many. I don’t know of a forum where mods don’t participate and put on the mod hat when needed.

That said, Lausten can’t suspend you/anyone or ban you/anyone for having a different opinion, even if it is wrong, unless you or whoever violate the rules.

How is he a racist and how does that fit the conversation?

Personally, I think people need to just let this go and stop whining.

I fully agree. We are not playing a sport, and moderators may take sides, without losing their right to moderate.

But, they must not pour oil on the fire, and be very moderate in the way they express themselves.