Umberto Eco and the social network

Umberto Eco

“Social media gives legions of idiots the right to speak when they once only spoke at a bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community … but now they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner. It’s the invasion of the idiots”

And he added :

“The television promoted the village idiot, to whom the viewer felt superior. The tragedy of the Internet is that it is making the village idiot a bearer of truth.”

“Facebook has multiplied plots and hoaxes, disseminated the most obscure lies, reinforced superstitions and sublimated the wishes of everyone.”

I disagree on 2 points:

  • In bar, very often, when an idiot speaks, many approves.

-A Nobel prize can be an idiot out from his field of experience.

I beg your pardon: the original quotes were in Italian, I got them in French and translated them back in English.

Umberto Eco [a] OMRI (5 January 1932 – 19 February 2016) was an Italian medievalist, philosopher, semiotician, cultural critic, political and social commentator, and novelist. In English, he is best known for his popular 1980 novel The Name of the Rose , a historical mystery combining semiotics in fiction with biblical analysis, medieval studies, and literary theory, and Foucault’s Pendulum, his 1988 novel which touches on similar themes.[3]

Eco wrote prolifically throughout his life, with his output including children’s books, translations from French and English, and a twice-monthly newspaper column “La Bustina di Minerva” (Minerva’s Matchbook) in the magazine L’Espresso beginning in 1985, with his last column (a critical appraisal of the Romantic paintings of Francesco Hayez) appearing 27 January 2016.[4][5] At the time of his death, he was an emeritus professor at the University of Bologna, where he taught for much of his life.[6]

Interesting Orwell made an excellent point, FASCISM = BULLY
How true that rings!

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