“Ecology without class struggle is gardening. ” — Chico Mendes

Ecology without class struggle is gardening . ” — Chico Mendes .

This sentence, by Chico Mendes, a Brazilian syndicalist, who was murdered in 1988, questions me.

I really think that to save the planet, we need to end the present economic and social system.

But how to give every human a decent standard of life, and diminish the pollution and so.

As every one knows, after the inhabitants of the petrol emirates and kingdoms, the developed countries contribute much more to the global warning than the inhabitants of the poor countries.

I haven’t heard that name in a while. I do remember him as a great man cut down too early, I’d need to do some homework to brush up on the details of his life and efforts. So that aside, what’s he trying to say with: “Ecology without class struggle is gardening” ?

The ecological movement without engagement with the struggling masses is spinning our wheels?

That makes sense.

Although on a pragmatic level, I think the bottomline, is our lack of curiosity and awareness of Earth herself is what has made the past half century such a consequential disaster.

It’s even at the roots of our inability to connect with the fact that all of us humans are brothers and sisters, no matter the color of our skin, texture of our hair, shape of our face and body, or the tribal heritage flowing through our arteries and veins. Doesn’t mean you have to like everyone, but it does mean we need to recognize WE ARE ALL FAMILY.

But, alas, We The People (globally) got conned and most of us spent the past half century too tripped out on all the fun the upper crust was having, trying to imitate if we could, dream if we couldn’t and no time for curiosity and love for this Mother Earth that actually created us and the life support systems we depend on.

Along with lack of attention to simple house keeping, maintenance, nurturing - showing no concern, nor respect, for the future generations that will be following us. Stranded in the nightmare our blind self-serving arrogance and disregard created.

We The People have a moral ethical right - along with a pragmatic need - to learn what scientists have learned about this planet’s biosphere and climate engine without constant dishonest crossfire.

We should not tolerate serious scientists always being drown out by amoral, dishonest and frankly ignorant arguments - that an astoundingly ruthless PR factory repeats over and over again, without ever learning a damned thing from the evidence in front of us.

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