Trump's high-priced headache: Lavish spending by his Cabinet

Well what the hell should we have expected from a group of Faith-Dependent people who know only Self-Interest and Avarice?

Trump's high-priced headache: Lavish spending by his Cabinet by Gabby Morrongiello | April 07, 2018 A series of scandals surrounding lavish purchases and expensive travel by members of the president’s Cabinet has threatened to overshadow the Trump administration’s accomplishments. President Trump kicked off Easter weekend by firing Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, an Obama holdover who was thrust into the center of controversy at the beginning of March over a lengthy report about his use of taxpayer dollars for a 10-day European vacation last summer. The VA’s internal watchdog concluded that Shulkin had “improperly" accepted tickets to the ladies’ finals at Wimbledon, oversaw the misuse of agency resources, and directed his staff to issue “misleading statements to the media" about his overseas excursion. One particularly damning sentence from the 150-page report claimed an assistant to Shulkin “effectively acted as a personal travel concierge" during the course of the secretary’s trip. Shulkin was canned six weeks later. Republicans close to the president said the Shulkin episode was bad not because of his imprudent use of taxpayer dollars, but because it reinforced an issue that has plagued the White House since Trump delivered his first Cabinet-level firing last fall. “Shulkin, Carson, Pruitt, Price – they were supposed to drain the swamp, not become shining examples of it," said one former Trump campaign official ...

Trump doesn’t care how much they spend. It isn’t his money. That way he can keep people on the job who have no sense. Just what he planned for.