Trump's business plan for America

A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF DONALD TRUMP'S BUSINESS BUSTS AND COUNTLESS VICTIMS BY KURT EICHENWALD ON 10/18/16 . . . The exterior they were destroying was an architectural masterpiece—bronze, platinum, hammered aluminum, glazed ceramic and tinted glass that shimmered like jewelry. Many New Yorkers had hoped the grandest portion would survive; curators from the Metropolitan Museum of Art had asked the developer to carefully remove the two bas-relief sculpture panels so they could be restored and put on public display. But that afternoon, the laborers, acting on orders from the developer, smashed the 50-year-old art deco panels into a rubble of stone, pebble and dirt. The desecration horrified Manhattan’s art community, but the developer, a brash 34-year-old named Donald Trump, dismissed the criticism— pretending to be his own spokesman, “John Barron," as he talked to reporters by phone. Saving the panels would have cost him $32,000 each, he said, ... His presidential campaign is built on the claim that he’s a brilliant businessman worth $10 billion who turns every challenge into success, but Trump is none of those things. Instead, he was born into an exceedingly wealthy family and tried to build upon his father’s success with ever-riskier ventures, and by any rational measure, he failed again and again. ... In other words, if the Republican nominee had done nothing but mow his lawn for the past 35 years, he would be a dramatically wealthier man than he is today. The huge bonus in that scenario: Thousands of people would not have been ridiculed, ripped off or otherwise have suffered from encounters with Donald J. Trump. Demolition Man Donald Trump loves to put his name on buildings, but there are no hospital wings named for him. ;-P No museums have a piece of artwork with a plaque reading “A Gift of Donald J. Trump." No buildings at the University of Pennsylvania bear his name ...
Grrrrrrrrr, a history of utter self-interest and contempt for all.

okay some more highlights.

Trump regularly cheats at golf, even revising his scorecard after a match to transform defeat into victory, according to two people who have played with him. :ahhh: He bought expensive jewelry at Bulgari on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, then colluded with the store to have empty boxes supposedly containing his purchase shipped out of state so he could dodge New York sales tax, :roll: Trump bragged about his current wife, Melania, and showed them... :wow: used his influence over his then-demented father to rewrite ... :grrr: He showed his willingness to harm others for his personal benefit early in his career. Using those undocumented Polish workers in 1980 for the razing of the Bonwit Teller building >:( He cut off their heat and hot water. (used) homeless people (to) annoy or even frighten the residents... :-/ During that five-year battle, Trump also destroyed a football league (USFL). ... :gulp: “I love to have enemies," Trump once said. “I fight my enemies. I like beating my enemies to the ground." He uttered these words in 1989, about the same time he was in a series of pointless battles: with other billionaires, with midlevel executives, with nobodies whose lives he destroyed just because he could. :smirk: In 1990, Marvin Roffman: “Once the cold winds blow from October to February, it won't make it. The market just isn't there." Enraged, Trump faxed a ... “an unguided missile." ... demanded, Trump wrote, he would launch a “major lawsuit." :vampire: {Coffman's prognosis was spot on - cold winds took the crowds, the profits, bringing bankruptcy to Trump's Baby. } In November 1988, Trump gave the public a chance to let him wipe out their savings when he offered $675 million in junk bonds sold through Merrill Lynch. :sick: ... ... ... ... ... ...
It's a hell of a history. Check it out.

It’s every man for himself, the same as the Republican Party’s mantra from the beginning.