Trump and Israel

You come up with some great lines to support what Israel is doing in gaza yet in the next post you try to walk it back, only to make you look two faced and duplicitous. You haven’t condemned anything that I have said to you about israel actions so then you are fully on board with israel goals of making this a final war by wiping out the Palestinians either through ethnic cleansing or as netanyahu has called for - Amelek (the killing of all men , women and children) .

You’re making assumptions and putting words in mouths. Name calling is really unnecessary.

I usually give a friendly warning first, but the next one could be an official moderation statement.

What name calling? I said “it makes you look”

Because he quoted write4you I think he was replying to him.

Alright. It’s a fine line or a gray area or something. No big deal.

Its like name calling someone a troll and the moderator gives zero warning or even a comment. A fine line indeed

Well, I’m out.

I’ll let history write itself and see who’s understanding of the situation was correct .

Have fun slinging ad hominems around.


Dont go. Israel needs you now more than ever.

The facts are that Netanyahu was taking about Hamas. Not the Palestinians.

Some would say it’s a dog whistle. Hard to believe he would think no one would make the leap

That was scary week, but America has come to its senses.

Biden advances $1 billion in arms for Israel amid Rafah tensions (

Biden threats to israel are all theatre (as i have said before) with Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant now announcing that her attack on Gaza will be expanded.

John kirby last friday-

Weapons shipments are still going to Israel. They’re still getting the vast, vast majority of everything that they need to defend themselves.

We will continue to commit to spending every dime of the supplemental request that we got from Congress to get them the capabilities they need… there is no weapons shipment cutoff here.

Thanks John.