Thoughts on Beauty Products with CBD as an active ingredient?

Recently, I had a chance to learn about this new trend of beauty products, soap bars, serums and body washes having CBD as an active ingredient. I knew about topical creams present in the market as pain-relievers. Several aestheticians and beauty gurus have already nodded yes to CBD based products. It is claimed that CBD products can make your skin wrinkle-free and treats acne, especially adult acne. Some study findings claim that CBD can be a potential anti-oxidant, along with anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, the topical application will help with pains, spasm, and mental illnesses as well. Just like vitamin C, vitamin E, and Retinol, CBD based products might gain huge popularity due to its medicinal properties. I would like to know different views on CBD based products, are you guys willing to try them out or are already using? Or this would turn out to be yet another fad we would soon get over with?