Those who are always right

“I know people who were born with the truth in their cradle, who have never made a mistake, who have not had to take a single step in their entire life, since they arrived when they still had snot They know what is good, they have always known it. They have the severity and contempt for others that the triumphant assurance of being right gives them. was not revealed at my baptism, I did not get it from my father or from the class of my family. What I learned cost me dearly, what I know I learned at my cost. I have not a single certainty that has not come to me other than through doubt, anguish, sweat, the pain of experience. So I have the respect of those who do not know, of those who seek, who grope, who clash. Those to whom the truth is easy, spontaneous, of course I have a certain admiration for them but, I admit, little interest. When they die, let us write about them. falls: he was always right…, this is what they deserve and nothing more.”
ARAGON, “We must call things by their name”, Les Lettres françaises, April 1959

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Are you referring to macron??

Among other people, why not?