This is what cascading consequences looks like… Canada, Fort McMurray

Ignoring it, doesn’t mean the drum beat isn’t continuing. :down:

Horrible, awful, devastating fire in Fort McMurray Alberta
The worst places for wildfire in the world include California, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Australia. In the high latitudes wildfire has become a much more common occurrence, but because of the low population density, doesn't get reported as much. Examples include Alaska and Siberia, which have been plagued by very extensive wildfires in recent years. Fires in Canada are common and have been becoming more common as global warming kicks in. Last year a drought emergency was declared for Alberta. The dry conditions (humidity of 15% or less has been reported during the Fort McMurray fire), plus the long term dryness, would have meant the risk of fire was very high. In fact, the fire risk has been increasing since the beginning of the month. The map below from the Canadian Wildfire Information System is for today 5 May 2016, showing extreme fire danger over most of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
____ I've put together a before and after slider with NASA images from 3 May and 4 May. It doesn't seem to work in Internet Explorer but is okay with Chrome and Firefox. (Added by Sou 6 May 2016)

This has been going on for a long time, it’s complete denial that keeps us from getting off fossil fuels altogether. They were lucky in Fort Mac, people in many other places haven’t been so lucky with massive firestorms hitting places across the globe like Siberia, Australia and the US west.
And it’s only going to get worse and our new PM still wants to keep promoting pipelines to keep the oil flowing from the tar sands. It’s cognitive dissonance at its worst.

Nothing to do with human-caused climate change, I’m sure.

Nothing to do with human-caused climate change, I'm sure. Lois
Of course not, it's all part of the natural cycle don'tchya know. Mankind is far too small and feeble to change our planet's weather. What? Dust Bowl? Never heard of it.