things kids say

speaking of, on facebook this morning my cousin’s wife sent me a pic of her 5 year old’s drawing on fb of a sign saying WARNING: DINOSAURS. because you know, you can never be too careful.
ps. she’s not a creationist, she’s 5.

I have a very old dog that I love dearly. The old girl has an ailment similar to Parkinsons Disease and often shakes like she would if she were cold. One day my 5 year old neighbor saw here shaking and asked why so I explained that that she was very old and often old dogs as well as old people had an ailment that makes them shake. My young friend took one look at me and asked, “Well, you’re old so why aren’t you shaking?” I didn’t try ot explain as I then knew I had “been put in my place” as an old codger by a five year old. Nuff said.