The three dumbest ideas of the 21st century

It’s her decision, with the input of a doctor, as to whether or not she will carry a pregnancy to term or not. It is her decision to become pregnant and in case of an accidental pregnancy, it’s still her decision as to whether or not she wants to continue. Not yours or anyone else’s. End of story.

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To have a baby or not is the individual decision of every woman who can, yes.

But society can think that women must be encouraged or not, decide to help the ones who have baies or not.

Now, in West, women have babies in times of hope and progress , and if they are helped.

Not always. Sometimes they have babies in times of trouble and recession- ie during COVID.

There are always more babies born 9 months after a societal stress period, like war.
Moreover there are more girls born than in stable times. More girls, more babies.

Not all women can have babies and some just don’t have any at all. So just because there are more girls there aren’t necessarily more babies.

I believe that the evolutionary statistics favor the fact that 1 male can impregnate 100 women, while 1 woman among 100 men can only produce 1 baby.

It is my experience that in nature stress stimulates blooming and fruiting in plants.

I had an old apple tree in my back yard that produced just a few apples per year. My neighbor, an old timer advised me to take a sledgehammer, wrap it in a jute sack and hit the trunk of the tree with a few good wacks .

I took his advise and the next season the tree produced a considerable greater numer of fruit than ever before.

Stress-induced flowering

Many plant species can be induced to flower by responding to stress factors. The short-day plants Pharbitis nil and Perilla frutescens var. crispa flower under long days in response to the stress of poor nutrition or low-intensity light.

Grafting experiments using two varieties of P. nil revealed that a transmissible flowering stimulus is involved in stress-induced flowering. The P. nil and P. frutescens plants that were induced to flower by stress reached anthesis, fruited and produced seeds. These seeds germinated, and the progeny of the stressed plants developed normally.

Phenylalanine ammonialyase inhibitors inhibited this stress-induced flowering, and the inhibition was overcome by salicylic acid (SA), suggesting that there is an involvement of SA in stress-induced flowering. PnFT2, a P. nil ortholog of the flowering gene FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) of Arabidopsis thaliana, was expressed when the P. nil plants were induced to flower under poor-nutrition stress conditions, but expression of PnFT1, another ortholog of FT, was not induced, suggesting that PnFT2 is involved in stress-induced flowering.

You forget, giving birth risks the lives of both mother and child. Not everyone makes it through the process of childbirth. Granted, the death rate during childbirth is lower than it was 50-100 years ago, but it really wasn’t very long ago that the risk was higher. For minority women, the risk of dying in childbirth is even higher. You can look up the stats for yourself, or I can hunt them down when I have more time. Human women are not flowers and neither are human babies.

Wow, that’s curious.

Back in the previous century I helped with some Arbor Day tree planting events, which included a couple apple trees that took and after a few years were producing apples. The one summer I had two weeks vacation just after blooms, as fruit was starting to develop. The dude that was supposed to cover for me never watered the trees, by the time I got back, tree and young fruit was looking very stressed.

So I gave it a few super soakers and it came back really well. Then, I’m guess early August - with the first fruit continuing to develop, the tree produced a second crop of blossoms that also developed into apples.
Fruit and blossom on the same twig, incredible, but true.
It was amazing and beautiful and I’m sorry it was before the age when I carried a camera around me most of the time.

When I lived in Minneapolis, there were geese everywhere on the paths that go around their famous chain of lakes. Someone had the bright idea to round them up and give them to the soup kitchens. The geese made more geese.

Probably the most obvious evidence that bitcoin is a scam is the fact that those who “mine” it want you to give them your regulated old-fashion US dollars for it. I mean really, if you had the most wonderful “currency” in the world, which you expect to only become worth more over time, why would you want to swap it for some tired old outdated thing like US dollars which will become worth less over time?

And how do you get pesos or the Canadian dollar or the U.K. pound or even the Euro? I’m not disagreeing the bitcoin is a scam, but your statement is a bit off and probably needs to be rephrased a little. The scammers are getting rich by ripping off the people who think bitcoin is the better than sliced bread. U.S. dollars might go farther in Mexico, but if you trade for pesos, someone is getting the U.S. dollars to spend in the U.S. or trade in for another currency. The only difference is the ones I’m listing are tried and true, as well as working forms of currency. Bitcoin is not. It’s like buying monopoly money or even casino chips. You can’t use either anywhere except for the games and have to cash them back in again to have real money to use outside the games. I had a customer stand in front of me selling some bitcoin, his play money or casino chips, so he could buy his stuff, because he was short on real money. I’m thinking to myself, “Really? If you don’t have enough real money to use in the real world, why are you gambling with it?” Trust me, casino owners are making money off people with their chip “currency” and so are bitcoin people. Both are scams of one form or another. The only difference is gambling has been established a lot longer, is legal in some places, and there 1 in a million chances you’ll win, causing the House to have to pay out handsomely. The same goes for the lottery- it’s a scam too, but the money allegedly goes for things like schools. It does take people for their money AND you have even a less chance of winning than playing the one arm bandits at a casino. The difference with the lottery is that there’s no change in currency, unlike a casino and bitcoin. The lottery keeps people coming back (I don’t play) because one in a very rare blue moon, someone wins, but it’s a lot less often than at a casino. Still bitcoin is much like exchanging your money for casino chips. You can’t spend them anywhere and you rarely get anything back from that purchase.