The Supreme Court's Billion Dollar Mistake

Five years ago this week, in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court decided to allow unlimited amounts of corporate spending in political campaigns. How important was that decision? At the time, some said criticism of the decision was overblown, and that fears that it would give outsize influence to powerful interests were unfounded. Now, the evidence is in, and the results are devastating. marketing software&utm_term=The Supreme Courts Billion-Dollar Mistake

It appears we are becoming a feudal society using dollars instead of land-ownership as the controlling factor.

Indeed. I don’t know the stats on this, but it seems like a growing percentage of the population are becoming today’s
“indentured servants” to debt, with less and less to show for it.
For just one example: more and more college students who come out with a degree of questionable market place value
and also a debt that makes home ownership, and a few kids, an unrealistic goal.
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Oh dear Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Court justices are all up in arms and crying about, being called, dishonest, un-American and captured by right wing billionaires and extreme right-wing political gamesmanship

It took conservatives 50 years to get a reliable majority on the Supreme Court. Here are 3 reasons why.

GOP presidents haven’t always appointed conservative jurists
Divided party control of government in the past limited GOP gains
Ideological conversions among Republican justices

Although the story does seem to avoid a screaming reality about the Right Wing slow and steady take over - DARK MONEY AND A MASTER PLAN

Dark Money and the Courts

The Right-Wing Takeover of the Judiciary

Dark Money and the Courts

The Far Right is pursuing an audacious effort to capture America’s courts. Fueled by $250 million in secret “dark money” contributions, they seek to enact a radical social and economic agenda they could never achieve legislatively. This page shares reporting on the secret donor network behind the Far Right’s attempt to turn the judiciary into a tool for partisan and corporate interests. Learn more, including what you can do to protect a fair judiciary. …

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