The problem with John Stewart

That’s the name of his “show” on Apple TV, it’s a great punctuation joke. He picks some sort of “problem” in the world and dedicates an hour to it. I’ve been meaning to start watching them, and finally got to one last night, about racism.

Besides some good context, good jokes, his new mocking of himself as an old man, interviews with Corey Booker and Tim Scott, they do a panel. They had two woke lefties and a racist. Okay, I exaggerate, a little. They found some agreement on past racism, like red lining, Black GIs not getting the benefits, land give aways when expanding west, etc. but the guy kept coming back to “family values”. Stewart tried to get him to explain that, and acknowledge the legacy of the racism, but then he started using the word “culture”.

So, that’s where we’re at. White Supremacists are openly using the words they used to use, they aren’t lynching the way they used to, but they have these new words, “there’s something about their culture, and we need to help them.”

"we need to help them.”


He was focusing on single parents. Maybe you’ve heard it. He said in harlem in the 30s 80% of families were two parent, now it’s 30%. I’m sure the stats are manipulated anyway.

He didn’t say how, but it’s probably something like taking away welfare because that is an incentive for not getting married.

That sounds like Christian Evangelists going to South American or African villages to teach them about Jesus and God to “Save Them”
… I’ll stop there since this is in Humanism and not Religion :wink:

That’s as good as Matt Gaetz voting against the Insulin Price Cap bill because he thinks diabetics should just lose weight.

Corey Booker expressed his discomfort with the words “White Supremacy”, that was an obvious trigger to the conservative on the panel. Corey said it sounded like there is some sinister presence out there creating the system. When, actually, the system exists and we just keep feeding it.

It was obvious when slavery was legal, and only slightly less obvious with Jim Crow, then we called it civil rights, and after that, the racist people got smart, making drug laws that targeted blacks, making up statistics about “welfare queens”, continuing prejudice in Hollywood well into the 80s, switching from not letting POC into colleges at all to claiming reverse racism.

Stewart is great with the video montages. He did one showing news items throughout the decades that say the problems with poor POC has something to do with them, something they are doing, but those same problems in white people, like opioid addiction are caused by external pressures that lead to depression, then the drug use.

People who don’t spend any time looking at this, easily disconnect the history from the individual, always pointing to the ability of individuals to excel in America. Forgetting that, even though the exceptions exist, like black people as football players, the rule applies to coaches and the front office. It’s true that anyone can do something to improve themselves, and we should teach that. It’s also true that there are odds of people getting arrested, getting a poor education, even getting sick from environmental factors in their poor neighborhoods, and those odds increase dramatically if you have darker skin.

John Stewart is A genius people he has shown great character and great comedy he is genius in everyway .

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That is not why people get divorced. Many get divorced because it’s a bad relationship with kids. For example, one spouse is abusive, so the other takes the kids and leaves, but needs money to take care of the kids until they are on their feet or receive child support (if the abusive one isn’t a deadbeat). Sometimes the non-custodial parent refuses to pay the child support and no, they don’t lock them up for it. The fact they refuse to pay, is a show of what happened during the marriage, especially if it was abusive. The only difference is that one who left due to the abuse is free to find work and alike, even if the job doesn’t pay enough not get food stamps and maybe even welfare.

The problem isn’t the parent applying for assistance. They are trying to care for their kids, but need a little help. The problem is the non-custodial parent refusing to help financially and whatever the court says s/he needs to do for the kids. The other issue is, the custodial parent cannot deny the non-custodial parent visits with the children for non-payment of child support. It’s the non-custodial parent who needs consequences for not paying child support, especially if the custodial parent applies for assistance.