The Nazi Problem In Ukraine

The US is not picking on Russia. Russia is picking on Ukraine and the US is providing assistance to Ukraine. Seems that is sufficient to stop the Russian advances.
Russia does not want the US picking on them. It would be over in a few days.

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All fingers point to the deep state. In fact, they’ve been doing this for so long in other faraway lands that their culture of evil may get its own nomenclature outside of the box of Naziism or fascism. Some are calling it inverted totalitarianism. That’s a mouthful.

Can you provide some of those pointing fingers?

I can and it is an objective assessment, also listing many negative results associated with maintaining foreign bases.


  • More than 1,000 overseas bases closed in Europe, Asia by both Bush presidents and Bill Clinton.
  • No BRAC process needed to close bases abroad.
  • Local movements worldwide are demanding base closures or a reduced US military presence.
  • 19% estimated domestic base excess capacity available to returning troops, families.

Rapid deployment from domestic bases means most US forces can deploy virtually anywhere on earth as fast or nearly as fast as from a base abroad in case of emergency deployment.*[6]


  • Global Base Posture Review announced by Biden administration in 2021.
  • BRAC does not apply to overseas bases, meaning the Pentagon can close overseas bases without the political challenges of closing domestic bases and the Base Realignment and Closure process.
  • Transpartisan: Across the political spectrum, experts and politicians are questioning overseas bases.
  • Local economies would benefit from returning personnel, families.
  • Congressmembers have few, if any, constituents living in communities around overseas bases.

And even some suggestions for solving some of those unintended side-effects of maintaining a military base, …anywhere!


  • “Draw Down, Build Up”: Close bases, boost U.S. diplomatic presence globally to rebuild alliances.
  • Maintain a streamlined, powerful, defensive military defending U.S. territory.
  • Rapid reaction forces deploying from domestic bases to defend allies in legitimate emergencies.
  • Increased commitment to diplomacy, international institutions, economic and cultural engagement, with the use of military force as a true last resort.
  • Multinational operations through multinational organizations if the use of force is necessary.[7]

To get the total part though you just have to witness the military bases of the U.$. throughout the world. If they were there making trade fair that could be something, but we have evidence to the contrary. We have evidence of corruption of the UN organs themselves; turned to tools of the parasitic deep state. Do we have a parasite problem?

I believe that the US only has bases on the request or permission of the host country.
Can you cite a country that the US occupies against that government’s wishes?

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The parasites were there. Well, you could argue, arene’t parasites ultimately a healthy thing that evolved that way for a reason? Well, I quip, what about when they are the same species as the host? And you say, well, sir, that would be cannibalism wouldn’t it be? And I agree.

And who do you agree is that human parasitic cannibal that you so easily quip about?
Per chance, could it be a person named Hillary Clinton who was the cannibal den-mother, slaughtering and eating those infected and starving Iraqi children?

Or do the fingers point at someone else, …you know…rumors and innuendos… :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Let’s start close to home: Cuba would be thrilled to have the torture going on at Guantanamo ended.
The mess that the U.$.F.G. will leave them there will likely leave the land unusable, but just to be rid of the toxic source would be of value.

And on the long haul does this tie back to Ukraine? Yes: through Russia, and several ways over. The situation in Ukraine is exactly as the Cuban missile crisis was. This is the primary citation by Russia as well for the cause of the special operation; not deNazification: bombs four minutes from Moscow leaves them not enough time to deal in. The Nazi problem is something dangling on the side that can be dealt with at the same time. Possibly the embarrassment that Europe will feel collaborating with the new totalitarian on the block will catch on next election cycle. Unfortunately I see Germany’s federal elections are still years away. 2025 as I recall. That’s a long time to keep Godzilla waiting for his sandwich, which could spoil. Cuba is a particularly interesting case for other reasons as well, and I see how readily this thread is diverted by its own moderators. So, getting back to the OP’s intention:

In this guise, AERODYNAMIC was one of the most effective CIA
operations in approaching disaffected Soviet citizens. In the 1960s Prolog’s
leaders provided reports on Ukrainian politics, dissident Ukrainian poets,
individuals connected with the KGB as well as identities of KGB officers,
Soviet missiles and aircraft in western Ukraine, and a host of other topics.
Official Soviet attacks on the ZP/UHVR as Banderists, German collaborators,
American agents, and the like were evidence of Prolog’s effectiveness, as were
Soviet crackdowns on Ukrainian writers and other dissidents in the mid to late
1960s. By that time Prolog influenced a new Ukrainian generation. By 1969
Ukrainians traveling from the USSR were instructed by dissidents there to take
informational materials on Soviet repression in Ukraine only to ZP/UHVR
personnel. Travelers to Ukraine even reported seeing ZP/UHVR literature in
private homes. Prolog had become in the words of one senior CIA official,
the sole “vehicle for CIA’s operations directed at the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist
Republic and [its] forty million Ukrainian citizens.”

In Godzilla Wee Trust

Cohen is dead now, and the moderators here will waive a sigh of relief…
As to who has the truth on their side: I happily claim that ‘I do.’
It is like a hand in marriage for me, and I’ve never gotten married.
This said, in the vows for truth comes an unending skepticism;
something best spared of your wife.
Of your friend, perhaps too, and of your wife with your friend, maybe, and of you with your friends wife, well, there is the one that gets the censors and their powerful platform. I can’t wait to hear what a clown Cohen is from the moderators here.
I think I’ll have a Suchasnist Lite…

I didn’t even know Cohen was sick

"Five years after the end of the Second World War, many of the members of
the BCC had already escaped the Soviet authorities by immigrating to the United States.
Wanted in the Soviet Union as war criminals for their roles in atrocities during the
German occupation, they were protected and sponsored after the war by the intelligence
agencies of the western Allies. Many of the most infamous members of the BCC settled
in New Jersey, where they produced voluminous amounts of propaganda innocently
depicting their cadre as dedicated, anti-Communist Byelorussian nationalists. They
dismissed any allegation that they had collaborated with the SS as Communist
propaganda or attributed it to the jealous factionalism within the Byelorussian diaspora.
For decades, officials at the highest levels of American intelligence lied and withheld
evidence in order to protect them from extradition and prosecution. These war criminals,
brought here in direct violation of national and international law, exacerbated the tensions
of the Cold War without providing any reliable intelligence or military benefits to the
United States. Instead, harboring these collaborators tarnished the reputation and wartime
legacy of the United States and added extreme right-wing, antisemitic Nazi collaborators
to the body politic. "

so we see the obvious parallel in Belarus to Ukraine. Somehow over time these propagandists have down-graded their stories to a level that the American public is able to absorb. It requires severe repetition to do so, and much handwaiving to boot. The best, like Maddow, leave the likes of Lebed dreweling in envy. When history makes truth of our supposedly ‘modern’ era, the naming will have to take on this fictional aspect somehow. MadCow comes to mind… be wary of these symptoms:

  • loss of intellect and memory
  • changes in personality
  • loss of balance and co-ordination
  • slurred speech
  • vision problems
  • abnormal jerking movements
  • progressive loss of brain function and mobility


Yeah but he needs to define you, as bad, bad, bad.
Your actual intentions have little to do with what the voices in his head are telling him.

Timb’s entire Gish-gallop, reaching into every convenient historical matter, as needed, to rationalizing his hysteria.

An Eye for an Eye Until the Entire World is Blind - seems all Tim has to offer:

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This gish-gallop reference is excellent, but it is misapplied. This is exactly Maddow’s approach. It turns out that this method is as well proven to be RFKII’s. I am extremely disappointed by this latter, and this is so fresh as to be yesterday’s gleanings. I assure you that if you listen to Cohen’s remarks you will not be getting gish-gallop. Best of all gish-gallop is provable, though it takes some work to do it. Media accountability happens to be a thing for some of us. It is our last hope, in fact.

Denial as a phenomenon possibly has to be addressed here. Well, I’m not a psychologist, so as to who has the upper grasp on how your mind works… I’m afraid we’ll have to give the deep state that credit. Yes, this is understated a bit, but squeak we must.
In Godzilla Wee Trust
Oh, that was a very clean Star Trek clip. Bravo to CC4… unchained?

What’s hard to prove about it? Just the quantity of questions is easy, often accompanied by a statement that there are too many questions, therefore the truth is hard to show (a fallacy itself). Not responding to direct questions, changing topics, adding a new “whatabout”. These are easy to spot.

If it’s provable why do you share such odd disingenuous video interview clips?
Why never show your work?

As for your RFKII, he’s all over the place, dodging and weaving.
You should be able to distill some of that into a presentations, if you could, if he’s half as serious as you are trying to make me think he is.

I suspect you can’t. You know what they say about programming, garbage in, garbage out.

I admit I don’t know much that much about him, but all the homework I’ve done recently hasn’t done anything to increase his legitimacy, he seems more like simply another opportunists. Nothing has impressed, except he seems great at obfuscation and confusing issues, rather than clarification. That’s always a bad sign in my book.

All the slander you can heap on me, won’t change that simple reality.

You’d have to come up with substantive facts and rational (upfront) (straight forward) discussion to get me to take you seriously.

You are so cute, makes me want to pinch your cheek and muss your hair,
consider it virtually done sweetie pie.

Please do share an examples of Rachel Maddow engaging in a Gish Gallop -
Really please share an example, because I sorta suspect you don’t actually know what a Gish Gallop is. But you can prove me wrong by providing an example. Is there an example of Gish Gallop in the above two clips?

Absolutely amazed at the level of miscommunication going on here. Possibly the AI consideration is realistic. Maybe keep those chains on CCV4. At least ChatGPT pets peoples’ egos.
And do again consider the MadCow possibility. Those symptoms do appear to be present.

To return to coherency, I just have to point out that my last link exposes RFK as fitting the gishgallop paradigm. Max and Aaron iron it out in slow time, and it’s absolutely crazy the density of lies. The fact that I need to explain this: ahhh… you aren’t allowed to follow my links, are you? This really is the only explanation of how your own reasoning could go so far off, other than the mad cow possibility.

Something very fake about this site. Perhaps I am sandboxed. Well, if this is the case, I do hope some record of the censorship exists for posterity sake. This is the greatest hope that we have… and there’s great reason to believe that it is this way. One thing is for certain: a censored or propagandized society that holds to a series of lies is going to expend so much energy attempting to hold to those lies that it will become disfunctional… just like this place.

I assure you that my own efforts here are not so much work. I do consider the seriousness of the situation, and attempt to find forums where my participation can be meaningful. Here it’s more like somebody lighting a cigarette to rub into another bodies forearm. These games are played by the moderators here. Truly peculiar.

It’s almost like you can’t accept my position and so you must attack me incoherently. I assure you that as I return the favor my intent is to discover coherency. I’m not sure how much more I can learn here, but I think I’ll stay awhile longer.

Let’s see now, we need some more Nazi stuff… this is getting to be old news here now…

“Mykola Lebed led an underground movement to undermine the Kremlin and wage guerrilla operations for the CIA during the Cold War, said a report prepared by two scholars under the supervision of the US National Archives. During the Second World War, Lebed helped to lead a Ukrainian nationalist organization that collaborated with the Nazis in the murder of the Jews of the western Ukraine and also killed thousands of Poles. The report details post-war efforts by US intelligence officials to throw the federal government’s Nazi hunters off his trail and to ignore or obscure his past.”

This is exactly what I’m talking - what the point of starting with such BS machinations?

What is coherent about that?

Seriously? ? ?
Then go back a read that garbage you are typing out. You’re just blindly bitch slapping, nothing more. Sort like that Mr. trump does. You really should find better role models!

So what, this is 2023 not the mid twentieth century! It was a century of massive atrocities all around and stunningly stupid decision making. I’m 68 and have been watching bad decisions, recognizing them for bad decisions since high school days. Now I get to watch the consequences of those bad decision, at the governmental and the people level.

Your “Smoothy History” regurgitation doesn’t help us today, in this world with it’s biosphere that is changing (for the worse) faster than you realize.

You’re not helping… image

At first, an earlier post, I thought you were supporting RFK. I’m glad to hear this comment about him.

Do you think you could help out with that?

Russophobia of Slavic people must require this sort of description; otherwise the logic of Slavs hating Slavs doesn’t float. That we had our hand in developing this situation is documented. The propaganda which allows the public to stand by… no: I’m not the only one seeing through this. The U.$.F.G. has operated by any means necessary in its foreign policy. As the evidence accrues our position in the world as thug is fully established. It is common knowledge. To be complicit with it as a citizen is to normalize yourself into a society that is terribly close to the one which occurred during World War Two. Zooming out a level we could say that the government is being used by emperialists. Why wee citizens ought to comply in our heads with what drives them must matter; otherwise we would not be witnessing this poor level of propaganda. That some here are so compliant with this programming… that is why I bother to attempt this level of discussion. The seriousness of the situation is being underplayed by the West; by the U.$. and NATO. The correct result is that it crumples up. How fortunate we are as Americans to be away from the crumple zone. In the offspring of the mess that Godzilla leaves behind; having focused on the meat in the sandwich that is Ukraine, but gobbling as much bread to either side as it can as well, the idea that it can just limp away with a full stomach and have a nice nap to digest… sounds good.

In Godzilla Wee Trust

Wow lets unpack that a little.
Why, pray tell, might Slavic people hate Russians, what have Russians ever done to them.

Russia: Rebuilding the Iron Curtain - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

I hope you take a few moments going through those links, I think they pretty clearly explain why so many regular Slavic people among other Europeans have a deep down hatred and fear of Russia, Russians and their imperial pretensions and their reign of terrors.

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Bringing back the old school Eurasian concept. It’s not totally wrong but it would sound more reasonable coming from a Westerner. A few points:

People aren’t monolithic. Slavs hating Slavs goes back a long time, just like with any other ethnolinguistic group.

The truth is all East Slavs are relatively “inhumane” by Western standards. Ukrainians are also cutthroat Asians when compared to anybody west of the steppe. Ukrainians were Cossacks, after all. However, if you compare them to actual Asians, they would suddenly seem much more humane.

America can be blamed for a lot in this war, though not as much as you seem to think.

The US did not even exist yet when half of Eurasia was in turmoil. Some of these conflicts go back millenia.

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You can exploit historical divisions to suit your geopolitical agenda. US and British empire time and time again - divide and conquer

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


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Yup, I’ll give you that.

Though it could still be plausible that pretty much all of them also have a certain hatred for Russia, or at lease sense of terror and fear, depending …
Just say’n, given history and memories. Not that I pretend to know.

I’m not honestly that knowledgable about the historical aspects. In terms of the current events though it can easily be said that Russia would join these slavic peoples together rather than divide them. It is the U.$.F.G. which divides them, and it has been formally proven here.
A limited hangout:

but I don’t trust this source. As they marginalize Russia and obfuscate the linkage back to the homeland, well, as I said this is known as a ‘limited hangout’. It is a means of carrying on rather than backing down.
The Nazi problem in Ukraine is not the prime reason that Russia invaded; another lie from U$.
The evil empire is U$