The Great White

“Putting the Arctic Sea Ice record straight.”
For the interested: Greenhouse Effect Explanations Prompted by a newly released paper by Rasmus Benestad entitled “A mental picture of the greenhouse effect“, here are some resources that help explain the Greenhouse Effect (GHE for short): Two extracts from an introductory article providing “A brief history of climate science" by Ed Hawkins, a climate scientist at the University of Reading. Firstly some theory: … Also see:
Here's an interesting story about how scientific data get's misrepresented by the Contrarian Press. DMI, MASIE and the Sea Ice Index – An Interview With Walt Meier February 22, 2016 - Extent, Anthony Watts, DMI, Extent, MASIE, NALOPKT, NASA, NSIDC, Paul Homewood, SII, Walt MeierJim Hunt For some reason best known to himself Anthony Watts has jumped on the “DMIGate" bandwagon started by Paul Homewood over on this side of the Atlantic a few days ago. In his latest article Mr. Watts quotes with approval the “Not A Lot Of People Know That" article which we have already covered in some depth. Here yet again is one of my comments that recently ended up on the NALOPKT cutting room floor: ...

I don’t venture that far into the weeds of disputation with deniers – they leave too much metaphorical beggar lice and frequent large deposits of X-chromosome bovine manure. But I appreciate your venturing forth, hopefully with high boots resistant to the nastier forms of weeds and fecal like distortions.