The enduring appeal of Dictators like Trump & Putin

The enduring appeal of Dictators like Putin & Trump to the lazy, failed & lower classes is that they offer cheap, easy & quick solutions - They use a 3 pronged strategy - 1 - they project strength, offer the wild west solutions - “I will clean up this city, jail all the bad guys, instant paradise” - quick, easy and nothing to do, He will do everything for us!

2 - The outlet for hate - in the past and even today it is the Jews - “they control EVERYTHING!” - for Trump and his supporters it is the southern border

3 - The victimhood mentality - “We are the good guys, we want to do things the right way, but our enemies are exploiting our good nature”


But these guys are simply following the playbook of religions, which have used the same 3 pronged strategy

1- Easy cheap & promises of an easy, quick paradise - “He is coming any day now, a quick wave of his magic wand and we will all be enjoying paradise!”

How long have they been promising this now? centuries and yet find eager ears!

Even uneducated goat herders understand that the boy crying wolf a few many times is having fun at their expense but amazingly these promises work even against the best of minds!


“We can run away from all this real life pain & suffering, having to work for a honest living, hide in God’s Charity Retirement Home in the sky, sit back and enjoy the good life forever!”

Easy to get into - just believe, get down on one’s knees, beg, grovel, blindly obey, cry cheap tears of repentance and you are in! Under 2 minutes!

Amazingly no one asks why any God would have billions of people just sitting about doing nothing & shamelessly sponge off him for eternity!

2 - The outlet for hate against Unbelievers - so many innocents killed, so many Buddhas lost, so many small religions wiped out and are still being wiped out

3 - The Victimhood mentality - with a captured media, it is easy to paint themselves as the good guys, anyone who opposes them are against “freedom of religion!”


Not sure I want to attach a heart to that comment - but as they say, I hear you.


It is mind boggling the shear nonsense people will embrace.
When Ego matters more than honesty and honor or even civility.

Good day Vanamali,

Do you live in America or Russia?

Speaking of the shear nonsense people embrace.
As if we don’t have enough problems, . . .