The Deception of Evolution

I’m amazed to see how this evolution deception is spreading throughout the churches today. Man in his quest to gain worldly knowledge is casting away the plain truth of God’s Word and a “thus saith the Lord” in favor of worldly wisdom. End time prophecy reveals we are living in the last days, so I suppose this kind of thing can be exacted, as the Bible says:

2 Timothy 4:3. Hebrews 4:3. Genesis 2:1-2. Exodus 20:11

We get two clear truths from the above verses. 1. If you have to believe in evolution, then you have to believe that this world CONTINUES to evolve throughout it’s life. And yet God clearly states above that this world was FINISHED from the very foundation of creation. Therefore, if it was finished, then there can be no evolution. The physical and biological laws that govern the natural world were also finished.

Also, 2. God said He made the heaven and earth in 6 DAYS, so why do we need to question it? No matter what man says in his “wisdom”, God has said that He created this world in 6 days. Now I would expect unbelievers to question this, because they do not believe in God or the Bible. But for professing Christians to question the authenticity of God’s Word and to question the 6 day creation is beyond me. They are deceived, pure and simple. As soon as you question the Word of God, you have allowed Satan to gain a foothold in your faith and before you know it your faith will be in pieces.

1 Corinthians 3:19.

Do you see? God knew that man would come in his “wisdom” and question what God has said. But it is utter foolishness.

Now many in the church are saying that the 6 days could be 6 periods of time or 6 thousand years, as the Word of God says that a day with God is a thousand years (2 Peter 3:8). Well, for starters, I believe the "day as a prophetic one and in no way changes the 6 days of creation. And if God says a DAY in the creation account, then why can’t we just believe that is what God meant, ONE DAY. Also, I believe God did something purposely to the creation order to dispel this kind of rubbish that man comes up with. What is the purpose of the sun? It is the life force in which God has used for plant life right? As without the sun, plant life would just die. Now take a look at this:

On the THIRD DAY, God created plant life (Genesis 1:12-13).

On the FOURTH DAY, God created the sun (Genesis 1:16-19).

So if the “third day” was actually a thousand years or some other period of time, then how could the plant life survive without the sun for this length of time? God didn’t create the sun until the day AFTER the plant life. Go ask any worldly scientist and they will tell you how important the sun is for life to exist on this earth. The fact is the heaven and earth was created in 6 actual days (24hr periods), which ties in fine with the sun being created the DAY after plant life.

The amazing thing is, the “scientists” who professing Christians believe in regards to “evolution” are the very same people who will tell you there is no God! And yet these Christians say that evolution could be true just because the scientists say so. So if you go down this slippery path, it could also be true that there is no God right? Because that is what the scientists are saying also. Do you see how dangerous this is?

Friend, this world is coming to an end, the sign of the end times show how close we are to the second coming of Christ Jesus. Satan knows his time is short (Revelation 12:12), and his deceptions are increasing in strength. If we do not put our trust in the Word of God and stick to a plain “thus saith the Lord”, then we will be on grave danger of being taken in by Satan’s deceptions. Evolution being one of them!

One of the three angels messages in Revelation 14 points us to worship the Creator:

Revelation 14:6-7

This message is being said with a LOUD VOICE. In other words, it’s a very important message, which tells us to worship Him (God) that made heaven, and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters. Those words are taken from the fourth commandment, which says God created this earth in 6 days and rested the seventh day and blessed the seventh day as the Sabbath.

Now the mark of the beast will be down to worship. Will we worship God, or worship the beast kingdom (Revelation 13) with it’s worldly “wisdom”. If we let man (ultimately Satan) convince us that we cannot trust the Word of God and that we should trust in man’s “science” instead, then we will end up worshipping the beast kingdom and will be lost.

Friend, I plead with you to get back to God’s Word and put your faith in what He says!

Corinthians was a book attributed to Paul. Your god didn’t write it, but an author who was called Paul, even though Paul wrote about 8 or 9 books out the 13 attributed to him. Timothy was another one attributed to Paul. The New Testament was originally written in Greek and the Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew, both during a time where scientists (if there were any) had not thought of Evolution. A lot of people were still very tribal and very superstitious. Lastly, Revelation was a dream in which the author wrote down and cannot be taken literally. None of the Bible can be taken literally and there is nothing scientific or historical about it. The idea of a deity only exists in humans’ minds and was created by humans. There is no heaven and there is not hell. Even a Hebrew Rabbi I know has even said, this it and we are put here to better ourselves and society. Even Genesis is just a story for Hebrew tribes to explain to others how they believed, at the time how the earth and all came about and even Jews know it’s a story. There is nothing real about the book of Genesis. So to demand people get back with God is to get down with what you believe and let go of reality, which is purely ridiculous.

I’m amazed to see how anyone can talk about the “plain truth of God’s Word” when,

  • There are a mulitude of equally valid religions with different versions of the truth of God's word.
  • Even sticking with the Christian bible, it is confusing and contradictory, with no plain truth to be seen.
Whereas evolution has proven time after time to provide a consistent, verifiable description and reasoning of the change of living creatures over time.

My question would be, ‘Why should I believe these passages from the Bible, rather than any other religious book’?

I can’t see that pointing to a biblical passage would prove anything, because you can equally point to contradictory passage in a holy book from another religion.

Why believe one over the other?


What is the genetic code of the Covid virus?

|| Okay, look, the Bible have evidence of something that was only in the Bible written that has found.

  • Other holy books have evidence of something that was only in their book. So, why believe the Biblical passages, instead of passages from other religions?
||........find proof of some city that has gone. One of them was Babylon.
  • So what if Babylon is mentioned in the Bible, Other holy books also mention ancient cities. So why not believe them instead?
||.........seeing this person healthy and clean of any disease
  • Why is unexplained remission from a disease a reason to favour Biblical stories, over other religion's holy book stories?

Looks like I missed the party.

“The deception of evolution” - has anyone been able to ever make a rational argument as to what the actually means?

Denying cumulative change over time? What’s so difficult about the concept?


But the best part is when they pull this shit on us

We get two clear truths from the above verses.
NO. It's a bible verse, that doesn't make it truth.

We are of this planet, made of the same stuff all the other creatures are made out of. Why are people so terrified of that?


Religion is all about salving insecurity - an illusion that puts our own ego’s center stage. It’s necessary, perhaps, but should never be taken too seriously. Definitely not the most seem compelled to do. Folks would do much better learning about evolution, it has many wonderful lessons.



“The deception of evolution” – has anyone been able to ever make a rational argument as to what the actually means? – cc

We did not. Pip was a Ray Comfort fan. He didn’t engage anyone. He’s blocked.

God flowing into the Word

I’ve been told I don’t understand the reality of the Bible. It’s been explained God acted infallibly through his human agents. At every stage along the Bible’s evolution God was there flowing into the pages to make it perfect.

The last time I listened to this opinion an image came to mind: There was a patient in an operating room, undergoing brain surgery. The world’s foremost surgeon was there, a doctor of vast knowledge and skill. But, instead of performing the operation, the expert stands over a child giving step by step concise and complete directions, while the child performed the actual task. What are the chances of the child getting it right? Can it be any different when God communicates with myopic self-centered children?

Claiming the Bible is direct and undiminished from God’s bosom is to imply people can be infallible. Isn’t such a thing called hubris? Like adolescents who know it all, blind to every complexity, question or doubt. Or put another way, claiming the Bible is perfect, complete and infallible is like claiming a photo album can convey the truth of someone’s life to a stranger.

Interestingly, when defending Biblical inerrancy scholars and preachers will quote the Bible, then follow with long winded personal interpretations. But, you know, if God where actually shepherding the Bible, those words would leap directly into the hearts of the reader/listener; without those endless and mostly dubious re-interpretations.

God is big, huge, beyond anything anyone of us can imagine. Won’t we recognize that when reading, absorbing, witnessing the Bible (or any Holy Book) we interpret it through our individual eyes while weaving our own spirit into our understanding and further telling? This isn’t denying the truths within sacred texts: it is admitting that God’s mysteries and plan are beyond our human ability to grasp.

Most importantly, continuing to demand that there is: My Way Only! is nothing less than suicide for humanity future. Does your inner heart actually believe that destruction is God’s plan for God’s own miraculous Creation? Even if it does, does that give you the right to act without regard for the future? Who are you to give up on God’s Creation, when you could be mistaken? Doesn’t God abhor suicide? How can we hope to leave our children a healthy future without absorbing some additional basic truths and lessons, then moving on to face the coming challenges.



Lausten, I noticed that. That’s what I meant I missed the party. I was tossing out the question, just to see if anyone had any suggestions. Then of course, I had a few more cents to toss onto the ring.


Great mini essay there. Nice cap on this thread

thank you

There is a lot of deception surrounding evolution though. Unfortunately for the argument of opponents, all that deception is coming from their side.

Ok, I try something

Yes there are some factual truths in the bible. For instance the Jewish people having been exiled in Babylon, they knew about it.

Is the bible perfect?

It cannot be for many reasons.

  • First on many points, it is contradicted by science, on many points. As a student in history, I can tell you that even if you have eyes witnesses of a fact, to determine the truth is not easy.

  • Second, it has been written by men and men can make mistakes. We know when the bible has been written. The Jewish authorities have sponsored the writing, to explain the world and to tell the story of the people.

  • Third, the bible has been copied and translated. Each translation, each copy is a source of mistakes.

-Fourth there are contradictions in the texts, which version is the right one?

  • Fifth, nothing in this world is perfect, whatever the cause. If the bible was perfect, there would be something, made by man, other than god, perfect. For a believer it is blasphemy.

In fact, even the father of the church in ancient times explained that the bible and the gospels cannot be read literally.

In fact, there is no reason, except tradition, to believe that the bible has been dictated by god or is a literal absolute truth. Even for a believer who is sure that the bible has been inspired by god, it does not implies that it is perfect.

One of my nephew is a Jesuit priest. I asked him about the bible. He told me that for the catholic church, everyone may read and seek what he needs in the bible, according which type of lecture he privileges, but that the literal reading of the bible must be very cautious.

On the other side, there is science. Scientists can make mistakes and no it. Science can be refuted by logical and provable arguments. Religion is a faith and its basis are outside the demesne of reason.

Evolution at last.

What we know is that earth is much older than what the bible tells, that we have remains of animals and vegetables not existing anymore and that genes studies shows that there are filiations between species from the past and present species. It makes a good case for change.

Evolution theory has holes, and does not explain everything. But at least it is open to debate and can be contradicted rationally. That’s why I choose it.

[quote=“morgankane01, post:14, topic:7655”]
Evolution theory has holes, and does not explain everything. But at least it is open to debate and can be contradicted rationally. That’s why I choose it.

How can evolution be contradicted? The evidence for evolution by natural selection is overwhelming. Humans imitate the very method to breed desired traits in their pets and livestock. How can you contradict that which you use yourself?

First of all : Creation implies the manifestation of “irreducibly complex” organisms.
Prove it!

OK Pip, if your myth is true, then explain why we look like other animals, specifically our primate cousins- chimps, Bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans. And don’t tell me we do not, because I saw the resemblance when I was 5 years old and can tell you exactly how we look like us and they look like us.

[quote=“pip1961, post:1, topic:7655”]
Friend, I plead with you to get back to God’s Word and put your faith in what He says!

And to whom does He say it? And what does He say? And why does He say it?

Actually, look closely at the skeleton of any mammal you can find. Compare it with a human skeleton, you will notice with few exceptions they contain the same bones. Those bones come is vastly different proportions, but that’s a different story.

They all have the same basic skeletal structure. With our brains it’s the same thing. There is a transition for sure, but over and above that, there is an underlying consistency that is the result of evolution.

I hadn’t gotten that far yet. I just wanted him to explain that if he was right, then why do we look like other animals. He was the one trying to say evolution is false.

True enough. Still, it’s a topic I like, so I’m apt to ramble a little. :cowboy_hat_face: