The CFI reading club: Descartes and the Discovery of the Mind-Body Problem

I came across this today and haven’t had a chance to read but certainly pretty soon.

(I did skim it and here’s a taster. It’ll be interesting to read carefully. Fuel for the fire.)

By: Jonathan Westphal

"Though we do find in the “Meditations” itself the distinction between mind and body, drawn very sharply by Descartes, in fact he makes no mention of our mind-body problem. Descartes is untroubled by the fact that, as he has described them, mind and matter are very different: One is spatial and the other not, and therefore one cannot act upon the other. Descartes himself writes in his Reply to one of the Objections:

The whole problem contained in such questions arises simply from a supposition that is false and cannot in any way be proved, namely that, if the soul and the body are two substances whose nature is different, this prevents them from being able to act on each other. …

Write (others), see if you find anything you’d want to discuss in there.