The BIOGEOGRAPHY of the Ice Age

Thanks for the links. I will get to them. I must apologize for not being able to spend the time required on this subject. It will probably be best if I put my response on hold. The weather is finally allowing me to get to planting and the season demands I pay attention to a variety of things outside. Most likely I will be out from dawn to dusk for several weeks.

I had access to a fission products chart some years back. I don’t know whether anyone publishes that sort of thing for the general public. That can be a sensitive area. If I get any spare time I’ll look for it. Since expansion, especially from fission, is not mainstream geology I would be more than a little surprised if the info is readily available to the layman in any a form that would allow direct calculation.

It might be possible to work backwards from the elements and quantities of them we have today to theorize the proportion of specific heavy elements acquired during Earth’s accretion phase. I have no idea how one would go about testing any such hypothesis or developing a timeline for that accretion. I suspect it would come down to some “Goldilocks” situation linking the fission as the root cause of a molten mantle, expansion, continental drift and the magnetic field. And of course the Moon’s influence would be in the mix.

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You’re right it requires a lot of time and homework. I have a head start of you, even a slow poke can gather and stick together an awful big tapestry in 50, 60 years worth of proactive interest.

You bet its possible that you can work backwards from todays elements - and I have no doubt somewhere, something has been published that could shed light on that question. It’s amazing the things scientists have seriously thought about long before any of us dreamt up a new question or doubt. But regarding the expanding Earth - think about it, it literally requires a balloon to visualize. It’s thinking that atoms were like dried out sponges and with a little fission, a touch of fusion, a sprinkle of water and boom it blossoms forth.

Allow me to share a video and it deals with a different specific topic, but same scientific endeavor, and the message is still the same, a lot and very very lot of very smart people have wondered about all these questions and angles before,

doyou really think no one would have shared something so amazing?