The application for the Nobel prize

The application for the Nobel prize
Formation of ECH, atoms, electricity, and gravity
Scientists stumped by the fact that the Experience of the Davisson—Germer and the Principle of subsidiarity suggests that the electrons and the photons in the beam behave as waves, and separate — like particles. Behave similar to other elementary particles. The explanation is the following:
According to the discoveries of Maxwell and Hertz sunlight and other electromagnetic waves that represent the movement of the energy of interaction of electric and magnetic pulses similar to the movement of energy, DC for the reason that with the same current direction closer to each other. That is, in parallel motion EMW the same frequency spectrum they merge together, forming photons from a rotating EMW with an appropriate spin rotation, not managed to get close and remain separate EMW. Similarly, when conducting experiments in the BAC for the discovery of “bosons” parallel streams bombarding EMW merged into “bosons” and other EP, and the more powerful the flow of energy in the BAC, the more powerful the output is EP.
Confirmation of this was assisted by the researches of E. Fermi (1901-1954), who along with other physicists suggested that electrons and neutrinos before his departure from the radioactive nucleus do not exist in the kernel, so to speak, ready-made, but formed in the process of radiation. Also according to the schrödinger equation “electrons are waves of probability, splashing inside their orbits— like the ebb and flow in a toroidal basin.”
As waves of probability are just the EMW. Therefore, based on the foregoing, in atoms are protons and electrons and the electromagnetic waves that make up atoms. But given that EMW is constantly moving, and moving within the atom can only rotates, creating a magnetic shell, resulting in a solenoid with a rotating EMW at the ends of the axis of rotation of which are formed magnetic pole and the EMF. That is, each atom is a small magnet and a battery with EMF. The processes of formation of atoms of a particular element occur in the same algorithm, one and the same program from the same electromagnetic waves of the corresponding spectrum. Evidence of this is the General physico-chemical properties of atoms and the emitted energy spectrum, which is the name of the element. Similarly, each elementary particle is formed in its program of electromagnetic waves, which subjects are being bombarded by the atoms.
When such atoms-magnets a lot – for example, a piece of metal in the formation of which from molten state - atoms are arranged corresponding poles to each other – it turns out a solid piece. The external atoms of a piece of a single magnetic pole is directed out of the piece, creating a magnetic (gravitational) attraction to other pieces of matter. “So while flying in Space astronaut don Pettit watched in weightlessness first scattered bags of particles of sugar, salt, coffee powder was gradually connected to each other, that is, were drawn independently. Thus “Astronaut Pettit made a Grand discovery!”: “In the micro gravity of space particles do not fly separately, but together. Dust particles collide among themselves, in the form of each other, grow to large particles”. “Experiments conducted by the NASA astronaut, thanks to the BBC /11/ become widely known. But to explain the behavior of particles in this experiment, on the basis of modern physical concepts, is not possible” (”. That is, an explanation was found.
Proof of atoms as a source of attraction (gravity) are also magnets of iron atoms which under the influence of electric current are arranged strictly after each other, resulting in one end of the magnet produces a North pole of one of the outer atoms, and at the other end is the South pole of the other atoms. Thus, magnetic energy is closed by means of magnetic lines of force. And line up the atoms because the atoms themselves have inside of EMW, which rotate freely and not some debris, how to interpret the current quantum physics.
From physics we also know that when crossing the wire the magnetic field lines at the ends of the wires occurs EMF. This is because under the influence of the wire intersections of the magnetic lines of atoms leads to line up their ends of the axis of rotation EMW consistently “+” of a single atom to the “–” of the other. And since a lot of atoms, then the serial connection gives the amount of EMF all atoms. Thus, electricity is generated.
If the question of the origin of electric charges simply stated the fact that the electrons – negative charges and protons are positive, so the question of the origin of electricity is not worth. But in search of the sources of gravity, there are a countless number of directions, "string Theory, M-theory, Loop quantum gravity, etc. however none of the proposed theories does not create a clear concept of gravity. So Quantum gravity is the direction of research in theoretical physics, the core of which is the quantum description of the gravitational interaction (and, in case of success, — the Union thus gravity with the other three fundamental interactions, i.e. the construction of the so-called “theory of everything”).But despite active research, the theory of quantum gravity is not yet built. The main difficulty in its construction is that two physical theories, which she tries to tie together quantum mechanics and General relativity theory (GRT) — based on different sets of principles.
The start in space was not - initially (a priori) there are 1. endless space - Space 2. infinite time and 3 an infinite number of EMW, which filled the whole boundless Space. EMW since they are electromagnetic energy, comprehensive information in the form of programs of formation of atoms, cells, EP, growth of living organisms, etc. are the sole Creator of the material world, the source of energy of motion and of life itself.
Thus, the energy of Electromagnetic waves is:

    • information and media
      the Creator and the building blocks of matter
  • the source of movement and life,
  • source of gravity and electricity, other forms of energy.

Yes, in space, everything is brilliantly simple. Only the Creator of matter, the source of the movement and dial of life is the energy of electromagnetic waves. And building material, what is the matter, are themselves electromagnetic waves.