God showed me this while dwelling on the identity of the BEAST666 aka the AntiChrist. Look at the main character of the Stan Lee comic “X-MEN”, Dr.CharLes XaVIer. Can you see the roman numeral for 666 = DCLXVI encoded in Dr.CharLes XaVIer’s name? Thats not all in Daniel 7:24, Revelation 13:1 & Revelation 17:12 , ten men/horns are given power with the BEAST666. The roman numeral for 10 is X. Do the X-men represent those 10-evil men. I also wander why the main villan is a JEW named MAGNETO? Even the X-men symbol, an X inside a circle resembles a NAZI SWASHSTICA. Of course I don’t believe a comic character is the real AntiChrist, I believe that is MAITREYA because his name equals 666 in HEBREW according to HARRY WALTHER, author of “6-6-06 The AntiChrist Revealed.” I do wander if the author STAN LEE is trying to prepare our children and comic lovers for the coming BEAST of Revelation. I also wander if STAN LEE isn’t a member of the Illumanati. Stan Lee may have intended two of his comic characters to represent two different POPES of the Catholic Church. The X-men character NIGHT CRAWLER may represent Pope Benedict 16th, both are GERMAN and Catholic. Then there is SUN SPOT who is from ARGENTINA and has a number of things in common with Pope Francis the 1st. Will the Catholic Church play a critical role in the tribulation and how much does STAN LEE know about it?

I also wander if STAN LEE’s the FANTASTIC FOUR represent the FOUR BEASTS of DANIEL 7:3-8 I believe the SILVER SURFER represents JESUS who they want to turn on GOD, and GOD is GALACTUS. THE BIBLE tells us that GOD will come in a CLOUD, just like GALACTUS did in the 2nd movie. Its obvious how evil the comic GHOST RIDER is; In the SECOND MOVIE the GHOST RIDER aka NICK CAGE saves the life of the young ANTICHRIST 666 aka MAITREYA. I wonder how deep STAN LEE is into DEVIL WORSHIP?