Skeptics in the Pub in Flint MI

Just a reminder, if you are in the area, Skeptics in the Pub in Flint MI meets the 4th Friday of every month at Empress of China (ask for Center of Inquiry) as we have our own private room and waiter. You pay for your own dinner and drinks and we all get together to laugh, talk, and hear a presentation/talk sure to encourage us. There is a good-sized group and we meet at 6:30.
Empress of China is located at 2320 S. Dort Hwy Flint and we hope to see you there.

Um, wouldn’t the 4th Friday be Jan 23, the day before this was posted?

Yes, we met last evening, but it’s every month so I thought I’d just let people know so they can plan ahead if they want to join for Feb.