Simplicity as a Primary Condition of Nature and Evolution.

Simplicity as a Primary Condition of Nature and Evolution.
The evolution of Nature is going from simple to complex therefore
I will take the simplest physical parameters in order to explain
the primary conditions of evolution in Nature.
The simplest reference frame is two dimensions (2D).
There are two kinds of 2D: Euclidian (relative) and
Pseudo-Euclidian (absolute according to SRT).
What Euclidian 2D is - everybody knows.
What Pseudo-Euclidian (negative - 2D) is - nobody knows.
In my opinion (- 2D) is Zero Vacuum reference frame: T= - 273,15 . . . . .
In this simplest negative reference frame (- 2D) only flat - circle
particles can exist: c/d = 3,14 . . . . and they are the simplest original /
primary quantum particles of Nature.
These quantum particles in their simplicity contain their own
inner – natural power / energy and impulses: h and h*=h/2pi.
These particles obey “the law of conservation and transformation energy”.
This law is not book-keeper’s calculations of “debit – credit”.
This law means:
the simplest particles can keep and somehow transform their energy.
Only on these simplest physical parameters (T= - 273,15 . . , c/d = 3,14 . . . ,
h and h*=h/2pi ) and “the law of conservation and transformation energy”
can be constructed the reliable castle for Quantum theory.
More than 300 years ago Newton wrote:
" For the basic problem of philosophy seems to be to discover
the forces of nature from the phenomena of motions
and then to demonstrate the other phenomena from these forces."
This Newton’s offer is carried out fully in Quantum physics.
From the state of Simplicity was created and evolved
the complex World of Matter, Consciousness, Knowledge.
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.