Doctrine of Creation

Doctrine of Creation

Creation is a process.
This process can be known by math / physical laws.
But before to know how this process is going, it needs
to know something about reference frame in which
this process is going. because to describe fish it needs
water and to describe animals it needs another
reference frame – land. The reference frame has
great influence on physical process. Specific
reference frame is the common ground of all specific creations.

The creation began from simple to complex,
from micro-particles world to microworld.
Then it needs to know: in which reference
frame the micro-particles can exist.

Today we know – micro-particles exist in CERN / LHC .reference frame.

Why did you use the word creation??

Where is the source of the physical / material Creation of the Universe ?

I dont know. Who says the universe must have a source?? Why did u use the word creation??


I know there’s no scientific evidence for creation, but I’m ok with speculating about it. I just don’t think the universe or life had a creator outside the laws of physics. I’ve heard of the ancient alien theory, which says that aliens triggered life on this planet, but I’d like to know where the aliens came from. They must’ve evolved too. If there’s a creator of the universe, I’d like to know how it created it and how it originated.



‘‘Creator’’ doesn’t exist out of the laws of physics / math

What do you mean soc?

Seems to me the “Standard Model Of The Big Bang Theory” covers all that.



Big-bang has one problem
Big-bang doesn’t explain: where does matter come from ?
Big-bang says:
singular point came from big-bang and vice versa
( ping - pong )

god prefers ping pong to dice OR god disapproves of both?

Every game has its rule

for this universe others for alternative universes. No creator required here

Creator knew mathematics to do his work
If you don’t believe me, ask:
where does mathematics come from ?
In the other words, to understand math needs consciousness,
more concrete: math itself is consciousness.
It can mean:
In the beginning was Mathematisian who created everything

need a mind for consciousness. You havent demonstrated this with your creator

Creator knew mathematics to do his work If you don’t believe me, ask: where does mathematics come from ?
And where did the Creator come from? Not being snarky, it's a legitimate question. You can't solve a complex problem by proposing something complex behind the solution. You just create another problem that needs to be explained. Not that the math behind the creation of the universe isn't complex, but it's not consciousness, it's not a cause as we understand cause. Once you say something like "Creator knew", you just made a new level of how things are known and how that knowing came to be.

The theories on creation of space and time as we know it involve physics that doesn’t require space and time as we know it. We are looking out from our view of reality, so it’s pretty difficult for us to figure it out, and maybe we never will. I certainly can’t explain it. I can barely understand the theories. But I can easily see the flaws in reasoning that posits a magic creator.

Yeah, modern physics ‘’ doesn’t require space and time
as we know it.’’ but they need ‘‘an absolute spacetime’’
as we know it.

Socrat44, - In the beginning was Mathematisian who created everything

Hello Socrat44. My understand of history is there were upper and lower gods. God was a term that meant “knowledge” or people of knowledge. These people of knowledge gathered plants and animals from around the world and domesticated them. Most likely they pick up a virus that they could not defend in doing this. The history that was past down say the gods are no longer on earth.

Now let look at their math. The gods were said to have been six digits or polydactyly or polydactylism. Also known as hyperdactyly. Is it possible that their math was built on a base six?

The basic mathematical concepts are:
function, geometrical figure, number . . . etc
and they form hierarchies of more complex structures
The problem is that quantum particles don’t have
geometric form and therefore the ''philosophical ‘’
debates of ‘‘philosophy of science’’ are abstract / meaningless

(as it can be saw in the post above )

I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics
Richard Feynman

If you are not completely confused by quantum mechanics, you do not understand it
John Wheeler

Quantum mechanics makes absolutely no sense
Roger Penrose


Big Bang doesn’t explain where matter comes from.


Lois: Neither does religion. It tries but fails on logical grounds. It claims it came from a supernatural force, which explains exactly nothing.