Show time, EPA is dependent on active citizen support to survive. HELP NOW

Time to step up folks. Either that or get ready for a royal reaming like you’ve never imagined it. This is really taking off: yesterday hundreds of students in Washington DC marched on Myron Ebell's office to oppose having a climate denier run the Environmental Protection Agency. Hundreds more marched in Boston too. Tens of thousands of people have spoken up by signing and sharing the petition as well. Myron Ebell is a professional climate denier with no scientific experience, whose organization took millions of dollars from Exxon and Big Oil to promote lies about climate change. If we can show the press that this controversy isn't going away, it's possible we can make enough noise to keep him out of the EPA. Add your name to the petition to stop professional climate denier Myron Ebell from leading the EPA here. Thanks so much, Jamie Dear friends, Donald Trump has appointed one of America’s top climate deniers, Myron Ebell, to run his Environmental Protection Agency transition team and may put him in charge of the entire agency. We can’t let a climate denier run the EPA. If we can show a massive backlash against Ebell’s appointment, there’s a chance that we can stop it, but we need to act fast. Please add your name to this petition telling Trump that you can’t appoint a climate denier with ties to the fossil fuel industry as head of the EPA Myron Ebell has no scientific experience. He says global warming is a myth. He proudly calls himself a “climate criminal." His organization, the Competitive Enterprise Institute has taken over $2 million from ExxonMobil and millions more from other fossil fuel companies to attack environmental regulations. He wants to destroy the Clean Power Plan and gut the EPA. Ebell’s appointment would be a disaster for the environment, public health, and our efforts to combat climate change. The good news is that momentum is already building against him. The media has identified Ebell as one of Trump’s most controversial picks. And with the heat the Trump transition team is taking over their appointment of white supremacist Steve Bannon as top White House strategy advisor (we oppose that too), they probably want to avoid another firestorm. A huge public outcry against Ebell will do more than just stopping his appointment. It will show that the Trump team has zero mandate to implement their radical anti-climate agenda. He didn’t win the popular vote. Only 25% of Americans voted for Trump and very few of them because of his environmental policies. Compare that to the 73% of Americans who think climate change is real and large majorities who want to do something about it. Please sign onto our petition and share it with everyone you know. We’ll make sure to add in your name with other petitions against Ebell so that we can send a clear signal that the American people don’t want a climate denier running the Environmental Protection Agency. Many thanks, Jamie