Self-driving solutions in search of problems

Can someone explain why self-driving cars and trucks is a thing? Seems like the perfect example of a solution in search of a problem if only the solution providers can convince enough venture capitalists that there actually IS a problem worth giving them money for.

I don’t understand how they will be safer. It’s not like they can see the road or other cars. I hate driving, but I don’t want a self-driving car, because it just doesn’t seem safe to me. I wouldn’t even get into one as a passenger. Then again, I refuse to fly. I did that once and I’m not doing it again, unless I’m unconscious and need to be airvacced to the nearest hospital.

Seems like the perfect example of a solution in search of a problem
I'm glad to hear others can't figure out the self-driving craze either.

But when it comes to figuring out how not to destroy this Earth right out from under our own self-indulgent butts, it’s blank stares and stupid distractions.

It’s curious how the smartest creature, can at the same time, be the biggest self-destructive idiot imaginable.

I keep trying to get the god’s eye’s view where our self-destruction is accepted as inevitable and hoohum, but can’t manage it.

I saw something where if ALL cars were self-driving, and were in constant communication with each other in the vicinity, travel would be safer, quicker, and more efficient.

But then, our lives would be in the hands of The Big Machine. (actually, a lot of little machines)

Airplanes can safely take off and land themselves, but humans don’t want to give up control. … the occasional technology “glitch” notwithstanding

For trucking, they could keep trucks moving, around 3 times faster I’d say. That’s a big impact on deliveries.

By self-driving I meant driverless. As in eliminate drivers. Cars where I’m still in it and can take over at any point - maybe, possibly, like an extension to cruise control. But driverless cars and especially trucks? Gee how can we put even more people out of jobs. Oddly enough, after I posted this there was a Twilight Zone episode on where Mel Cooley (i.e. the actor who played Mel on the Dick Van Dyke show) Mel was an automation expert. In the name of efficiency he put in so many machines that he finally automated his own job.

Good question. There isn’t any need for driverless vehicles but there is also no need for a lot of technology we already use everyday. I think we’re just addicted to innovation and quirkiness.

I’ll give you that. :slight_smile: