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A friend of mine has been staying up all night watching youtubes by this woman.
She has been called the Alex Jones of the Left. You can watch her for about 3 minutes to see why. At first I just skimmed her content, then got into the usual pattern with my friend that he couldn’t accept my comments because I hadn’t listened to her, even though I had legit questions on the content I did watch, which he wouldn’t answer, because I hadn’t watched the hour long talks. You know how it goes. So, I watched 40 minutes of her latest video and “did my own research”. If you come up against any of this, here’s what I found.
According to her, and others including Naomi Wolff, an amendment to the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 that was approved in 2012 made it legal for the US government to produce propaganda and disseminate it in the US and do psy-ops to brain wash everyone. She starts out saying she is going to show you evidence, then makes this claim, then sarcastically asks herself rhetorical questions, then tells you that she showed you the evidence. Of course there is no evidence. You can look at the “Smith Mundt modernization act of 2012”. You can see it is ACLU endorsed. In brief, it allows things like Radio Free Europe to be available to people inside the US. It’s really just an update based on all the new ways we can copy sound and video today. It’s transparency, not secrecy.
To further frighten you, she looks up websites like CrowdsOnDemand. It’s a website where you can hire people to put together a crowd to improve your PR. It’s affiliated with other more nefarious looking groups that do crisis scenarios for police and military planning. None of these sites say anything about creating false flag bombings and shootings, but of course they wouldn’t, only the brilliant Debbie can see that, and now, so can you, because you are special and you know you should question everything. She provides a lot of links with her videos, and I checked those too. One shows a Craiglists ad for people to do crisis acting near Vegas that appeared not long before the Vegas shooting. You would get $25 an hour. So, how many people were injured in that? She’s implying that someone who got a couple hundred bucks to lie to the world wouldn’t be willing to take the potential thousands of dollars a media outlet would offer to them if they showed their paycheck for doing that work.
In case you didn’t connect the dots, she spends a few minutes yelling at the camera and telling you how wrong it is to compare her to Alex Jones and you should question the reality of everything and if anyone questions you, they are sheep, or whatever. I told my friend to get some sleep, eat something healthy and go outside. I think he’s doing that.

A friend of mine has been staying up all night watching youtubes by this woman.
Well Lausten another fine mess you got me into. ;-P Mystery women, gotta take a peek, never could resist. I checked out your link, I still don't do good with that Facebook formatting and nothing grabbed my attention so I went to youtube and pulled up a recent video to take a look. I stuck it out close to nine minutes, but I see what you mean. Given that up until this November I've decided not to shut my mouth and instead I'm giving everyone who crosses my path a ration of my thoughts - since no body else out there seems to have any ideas ........................
at YouTube: "Sane Progressive 02/16/2018" citizenschallengeYT 1 second ago Rather than the riddles why not just explain what's happened, simple facts, without the melodrama please. It does your cause no good. I just heard about you, dropped in to take a listen and to be honest first 8 minutes offers nothing to encourage me to listen further, time is precious and short.>>> People need solid objective information and specific ideas and plans and outlines, not rambling opining. Sorry, see ya Why not offer anything specific about this law that upsets you, only your opining, how is that going to help me understand what the law actually says or means in our the real world any better? :-(( Gonna need more than that to stop the Koch machine, or to inspire curiosity and a desire to engage in our struggle with the Alt-Right mindset. You need to Intellectually Confront them or at least try to offer the tools for others to put something together! Another thing S.P., I googled your name with "Koch" and nothing. Why? If you are concerned about conspiracies and what not - why not spend some line looking at the decades long Koch assault, where there is plenty of solid evidence to share. Google it, or check out the growing collection at that link I shared "Americans for (Koch's) Prosperity.blogspot"

She’s a perfect for those who see conspiracy everywhere except where it actually is.