Sam Harris and Goldstein


Just to see if my thoughts are so wrong or of the mark, my fourth question on this interesting forum

I have read a lot on and of the hand of the four ‘horsemen’. They led me from christianity, with emphasis on the theories of Teilhard de Jardin,to an agnostic.

I’m content and for ever searching.

I now have read some books of Sam Harris and listen to his making Sense podcast.
He often talks about the walking up app

So I ventured there and was lead to Goldstein.
I can’t help but feel unease when listening to Goldstein talking about Buddha. Really? With such reverence, as given to a deity .
It just feels wrong. This is just an other,be it benign and wise belief. It will help you, for sure, but that an utilitarian perspective. This wise fellow from 400 bc, is just that, as the historical figure of Jezus was… Or is that blasphamy on this secular forum?

It felt, especially when Goldstein talked about these moments in the life of buddha like they really happened as they where written down.

Or is this just the thoughts of a new agnostic,weary of falling for an erzats

First we should establish that Buddha never claimed to be other than a teacher, whereas Jesus claimed to be the son of God.

We do know Buddha came from a wealthy family but was a deep thinker who wanted to know why there was misery in the world which had treated him so kindly until then.
He became an ascetic and nearly died from starvation while testing himself against hardship.
Eventually he came to the conclusion that a “balanced” life offered the necessary conditions for a “mindful” existence.

Actually this is a secular philosophy and has nothing to do with any kind of supernatural agency.

I do not think this is contrary to a “mindful” atheist perspective.

The problem with belief systems is that they all have secular philosophies in common, but claim that those philosophies are exclusive and divinely inspired, which is presumptious and an expression of “vanity” (a sin).

Thus the lack of humility in religious exclusivity (thou shalt not have any other gods before thee…) is what disqualifies the Abrahamic religions and has been the cause for some of the bloodiest wars in history, hardly a reference to enlightenment.

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I’ve read and listened to and you could say studied all of those, except Goldstein. So, I could look him up and sometimes I can form an opinion in an hour or so, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

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