Roswell Incident Part 4

Did Blanchard Fake Roswell’s Flying Saucer?
Huh? You’re Insane, Jones

If you’ve been following any of my blogs or forum posts, you’re probably aware of the fact I’ve written what some have called ‘an insane theory’ about the Roswell Incident. Okay, maybe my theory is a little radical. But, so far, it has withstood all challenges.
By far the most common question I hear is ‘why would the Air Force deliberately lie about recovering a flying saucer’. Let’s look at that.
In July 1947, the United States Army Air Force faced 4 major problems.
• Russia was rattling its sabers in East Berlin and was only 2 years away from perfecting its own atomic bombs
• Demobilization of the American military forces from 8 million soldiers down to 1 million after World War II stood to make the Army Air Force less powerful
• The Army Air Force was losing high-flying Mogul balloons carrying experimental acoustical equipment intended to eavesdrop on the progress of Russia’s atomic bomb and ballistic missile programs—finding the spent balloons was crucial because compromised American espionage might have ignited World War III
• But the Air Force’s biggest concern was winning their independence from the Army at a time of stringent military cost-cutting, consolidation and shrinking budgets
President Harry Truman understood the growing communist crisis in Berlin and he understood the need for military air supremacy in the new atomic era. His administration had proposed and lobbied vigorously for their ‘Unification Bill’ which outlined legislation for a separate Air Force. Truman believed he could make the Air Force stronger for less money if he could separate it from the Army.
NOTE: Considering Truman’s bill would fracture the military structure, his choice of the name ‘Unification’ was genius. The Unification Bill ]eventually became known as the National Security Act of 1947]. Great marketing, Harry!
Despite Truman’s wisdom, his bill faced fierce opposition from the Army who wanted to maintain control of its prized Air Force. It also angered powerful Washington politicians concerned with reducing or eliminating what they deemed unnecessary military costs after an expensive World War II.
So, What About the Fake Flying Saucer?
The Air Force was banking on the success of Project Mogul to increase their net worth. Of course, if Mogul proved Russia had atomic weapons in 1947, strengthening the Air Force would have been easier to justify. Military systems have always been predicated on the basis of ‘rewards for achieving objectives’ and, although the success of Project Mogul may not have resulted in Air Force independence, it would have moved them closer to their goal.
But Project Mogul never did work properly—balloons flew helter skelter and generally went astray. So, it appears the Army Air Force turned a bad thing, the loss of many of those top-secret Mogul balloons, into a good thing, the fictitious recovery of a flying saucer. The idea of faking a flying saucer may have stemmed from the tactic of retrieving lost Project Mogul balloons in southern New Mexico by listening to flying saucer reports. Source: 1995 Roswell Report], page 20
To realize their goal of independence, like all good con artists, the USAAF had to make their political pigeons think they had recovered a flying saucer. To start the buzz, they decided on a high stakes press release. Ironically, the propaganda might have also distracted Russian spies away from some of the many high altitude flight tests going in the American southwest at the time.
From There…
I contend they manipulated or worked with powerful Democrats who supported their long sought goal of independence from Army control to better protect the USA. White House archives indicate President Harry Truman met with New Mexico Senator and fellow Democrat Carl Hatch ]on 09 July 1947 at 10:30 am, a short-notice meeting arranged on 07 July. Coincidence? Knowing Truman’s desire to separate the Air Force, it’s conceivable he collaborated in Roswell’s flying saucer incident and may have apprised Hatch.
Regardless, Truman separated America’s Army Air Force into an equal arm of the military immediately after congress approved his Unification Bill. Less than three weeks after Blanchard’s scandalous flying saucer press release that should have delayed or derailed the Air Force’s chance for autonomy, on 26 July 1947, Truman formalized his landmark bill. The new United States Air Force became the third American military entity on 18 September 1947.
Is this theory a stretch? Maybe, but I’m going to run with it until someone can prove otherwise. In my book, Hangar 84, I wrote a farcical scene where Air Force Command worked with President Truman to achieve their goal of becoming the USAF.

Nice post! Here is huge information about roswell incident. I like this post. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up.

Nice post! Here is huge information about roswell incident. I like this post. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up.
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