Quorum sensing in AI?

I have run across several articles describing the process of “quorum sensing” (QS) and the demonstrable fact that even single celled bacteria use chemical quorum sensing which allows them to “communicate”.

In view that a bacteria is barely a living organism, one might say that bacteria employ a proto-linguistic (chemical words) method to perform coherent synchronized actions.

Being that bacteria are of such basic nature, but do employ chemicals and kinetic sensitivity to acquire a sense of their environment, it occurred to me that “quorum sensing” might well be a programmable langague for AI . i.e. quasy-intelligent autonomous organization.

Quorum sensing;

In addition to its function in biological systems, quorum sensing has several useful applications for computing and robotics. In general, quorum sensing can function as a decision-making process in any decentralized system in which the components have: (a) a means of assessing the number of other components they interact with and (b) a standard response once a threshold number of components is detected.

Next step in artificial intelligence.

Lab grown human neurons can learn!


This may be of interest.


What good is artificial intelligence going to do us, in a world where people have given up on human intelligence, and wholeheartedly embraced the world of self-serving fantasy and disregard for facts and honesty and serious (frank - that is uncomfortable but necessary) constructive debate?

...it occurred to me that “quorum sensing” might well be a programmable language for AI . i.e. quasi-intelligent autonomous organization.
Sounds like something to add to the algorithm.

At this point I welcome any form of intelligence, including the artificial variety. If an AI gains sentience, I would not be bigoted against it. I imagine it would be more rational than RepugLIARS and just as worthy of rights as those deplorable scum.