Public Service Announcement

If you are not from the South (in the USA) you may not have heard of the tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. This is supposed to bring good luck.

And if you doubt such things, have a Happy New Year anyways.

And here’s some ideas for New Year’s resolution:

Time marches on.

I’ve heard of it, but then again, I’m from south of the Mason Dixon line. I don’t partake in the practice though.

Happy New Year!

During my travels way down south way long ago I remember the sweet tradition of

Black Beans and Rice on Mondays.

Not for good luck, so the folks can do the laundry.

Way south of the Mason Dixon, down New Orleans’ way.


Actually tastes good, I still enjoy it.


(Red beans, aka Pinto Beans are always good.) Black eyed peas can be tasty also, with the right seasonings,

The proper menu at grandma’s was black-eyed peas over white rice (for luck), collard greens cooked with hog jowls (for fortune) and smoked ham (just because). Oh yes, and cornbread of course. And a nap on the sofa during the bowl game, the New Year’s equivalent of the Thanksgiving turkey coma. Difficult for people who don’t eat grits to understand just how good it was. Bubba will tell you, there’s almost as many ways to fix grits as there are to fix shrimp.