Project for a propellant it freezing the distance.

Project for the construction of a propellant-based freeze distance.
Objective: Freeze the distance to (-2000 °C) or a lower temperature.
Idea proposed by:
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

Valencia, Venezuela on July 19, 2013

You do know that absolute zero is −273.15° C, right?

He’s a troll, EOC. Google Victor’s name and you’ll see his posts all over some science forums. He’s been banned from a few, while others seem to keep him around for the humor they derive while bashing him. I’d vote to ban him from here, but I’m not a moderator so I just read Victor’s posts to see what silliness he’s promoting this time then move on to more interesting subjects.
I will give Victor credit for posting in Pseudoscience and the The Paranormal instead of in the Science and Technology forum. At least he knows where his musings belong.

HUH?????????????? You do know that absolute zero is −273.15° C, right?
Everything is possible... Particle called Veegtron. It occupies 100% of the universe. It is between the spaces of the atoms. His State is gaseous to (-270 °C). His State is gaseous at the temperature of the Sun. It can be hot and cold, why I say that it is a particle. We must freeze the particle at one lower temperature of (-270 ° C). It is very important this idea for scientific research, that is why I say, nothing is impossible.
He’s a troll, EOC.
Got it. Off to "ignore" he goes.