Philosophy of Existence, Links and Elementary Particles

Do reason and reasons for reason, faith and faithful for faith, come from the same place—our thoughts;
Are thoughts the effect of intellect, emotion, sensation, physical objects----is this our life—
Is our life an effect of nature, is nature an effect of matter, space, time, observation, transformation—
Is this the only representative of existence for us— as functions for the cosmos universe?
Philosophy proposes our-existence interacting with knowledge-will provide understanding for Being here!
Also, What do we do with Qualia from Neronal Ocillations; Light Wave-Particle Duality from Relativity;
and today CERN announced “the particle “Linked” to the “Mechanism” that “Gives” Mass to Elementary Particles”, ref: NPR 3/14/2013 (Linked Mechanism Gives)

More meaningless drivel.