Peter, why are you an Earth Centrist?

This is a continuation of that “Missing Key” essay I wrote last year. This version, prompted by an invitation to give a talk, is expanded to include some introductory biography to help prep the audience for the essay itself. Of course it also includes revisions in light of continued growth and fun with words.

First there was a lifetime of living and absorbing lessons, then there was an essay, then there was an invitation for a talk, then the challenge of doubling the essay into a 20 minute talk - while holding audience's attention, then the group that invited me imploded. So it goes. Life is busy and now it sits here waiting while spring is filling up with distractions. But I feel like sharing it. I invite thoughtful response. Watch to see if anything happens. Okay, here goes, the working script to a talk I may be giving some day. Rational responses are invited
Peter, why are you an Earth Centrist? Hello, my name is Peter Miesler and I am an Earth Centrist,

… and I admit, I’m hoping you’re wondering what in the world is that, and why on earth should you care.

I even spent a couple weeks last year writing an essay describing this particular perspective. It turned out pretty good, it was tight, flowed well, told a good story that held attention and people liked reading it.

I sent it around, even received a couple attaboys from some genuine science Who’s who, which did me a lot of good. I’m not crazy after all. I have enunciated something valuable. But that was about it, then just more of that silence.

When reading it to friends, I noticed it left them a bit perplexed rather an enlightened. Okay? Fun interesting read, now what am I supposed to do with it? What is it actually about? And so on. In responding I was down to, ‘it’s about perspectives and how we process the information that’s flowing through our senses.’

Though it was about much more than that. It was about grasping for an appreciation of DeepTime, Evolution, and the dance of life and geology that created this world we were born out of and will die back into. Something that offers an understanding of our place in time and the universe within a sane perspective. Something that also offers peace in the face of our individual mortality and that eternal question of “Why?”.

Something that offers spiritual fulfillment through a visceral understanding of how time and Earth created us on this Pale Blue Dot we inhabit.

Something that will afford rationalist and atheists the spiritual fulfillment that offers us Children of the Intellectual Enlightenment the inner moral foundation and spiritual fortitude to step up and lovingly, constructively, challenge and confront the sheople along with their fraudulent evangelical power hungry EGO worshipping pickpockets, eye to eye.

Maybe slow down those self-certain ME FIRST Trumpkins from steamrolling us into oblivion. Lordie knows we had better stop ignoring them, or a genuine horrendous civil war will unfold in our country. They haven’t been stocking piling those weapons and ammo for nothing!


But all that starts with our individual unique perspectives. Our ‘Individual Perceptual Filters’ sort all the information our senses receive. Give the same book to a dozen readers of diverse backgrounds. (and so on) . . .

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. I know I have some pals around here, this one includes some fun bio I don’t usually touch on. :- )