I am an Earth Centrist

I’ve finally found a label I can wholeheartedly embrace and explain and defend.

<b>I am an Earth Centrist !</b>

Meaning that Earth and her physical processes and the pageant of her evolution are my touchstones. Understanding evolution and the biosphere I’m part of and how we got here is the foundation of all my reality.

Religions, God, political beliefs, they are all products of the human mindscape, generations of imaginings built upon previous generations of imaginings, all the way down.

Something real and to be reckoned with, yet in the end, it’s only our mindscapes at work. While the real creation keeps on unfolding outside of our heads regardless and we’re left to hang on for dear life.

In a way that mindscape is a product of Earth’s evolution, yet it’s certainly distinct and slightly separate from Earth’s physical biological processes, something unique, ineffable, yet with the power to manifest personal gods and Earth shattering physical events.

I suggest most people are unaware of the Map v Territory Problem, thus society commits the same ME FIRST self-destructive errors that it has repeated for thousands of years, never learning a god-damned thing.

Just as mega-corporations that have grown big enough to destroy governments, so too our mega-species has become big enough to destroy our life sustaining biosphere.

That evolving creature that has existed since Earth bounced back from the last big comet strike about 65 million years ago.

The one that had achieved a splendid plateau 8-10 thousand years ago, but that now humanity has reset to something the likes of which Earth has not experienced in hundreds of millions of years. It’ll take a few decades and centuries to fully blossom, but it is as down to Earth physically certain as tomorrow’s sunrise. Such a tragedy, yet that is where we find ourselves in 2018.

I just started reading Ursula Goodenough’s Sacred Depths of Nature. This is in the roman numeraled pages.

“Any global tradition needs to begin with a shared worldview—a culture-independent, globally accepted consensus as to how things are. From my perspective, this part is easy. How things are is, well, how things are: our scientific account of Nature, an account that can be called The Epic of Evolution. The Big Bang, the formation of stars and planets, the origin and evolution of life on this planet, the advent of human consciousness and the resultant evolution of cultures—this is the story, the one story, that has the potential to unite us, because it happens to be true.”

Goodenough, Ursula. The Sacred Depths of Nature (p. xvi). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.