Personal data collect and use

“When something online is free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.” is a meme

2 days ago a french TV streamed a documentary which explains how’s that is.

For instance,

  1. big data collects personal data. they use that to profile you and sell you. And for instance, when you buy the plane ticket, they adjust the price according your means and your propension to spend
  2. health data is collected and sold, for instance to firms who wonder if to take you in or to insure you
  3. predictive profiling, to predict personality and behavior, for instance to influence your vote

They gave many exemple, showing how everything you do on the net is sold to many people.

Anonymity is not a protection. They demonstrate how from some data, one can deduct who you are and identify you.

More specific to France, the French government has set a health data hub which collect every personal health data of every one present in France. This hub is managed by Microsoft. And when you go to a pharmacy to buy anything, the data is transmitted to a company which sell it…




A new Netflix documentary explores the techniques used to explore, then shape and sharpen, our attitudes, values, and beliefs


So, what do you propose?

Not easy

Transfer the collect and keeping of data to a no profit organization ?

Change the principle of implicit or global authorization " Do you accept cookies " to a specific and case by case authorization ? " Do you accept i transfer your data to ? " with a full list of allowed people, my doctor and so?

A new Netflix documentary explores the techniques used to explore, then shape and sharpen, our attitudes, values, and beliefs

There will be outliers who can’t be influenced by media, because not everyone is into watching TV a lot. Even then, people often pick and choose what they watch and listen to. If they don’t like it, they won’t watch it, so people still have control over what they see and hear. I watch Free Speech TV, Progressive Radio, Atheist programs, like The Humanist Hour and Freethought Radio, and basically choose shows that align with my own thinking, IF I watch TV. From what I can tell, there are a LOT of outliers, because they didn’t listen to the dotard’s propaganda and voted for President Biden. I know I didn’t listen to the dotard and often turned off that stupid orange creature or shouted over him because he p***ed me off with every sound he made. Now I realized he influenced some people. That’s a given, because not everyone can think for themselves and are easily influenced. I’m often hated by those who are easily influenced and go with the herd. I’m still wearing a mask in public, despite being fully vaccinated, while my coworkers are being COVIDiots, who aren’t vaccinated or wearing a mask. COVID will be rampid again in about two weeks.

It is here to stay. Older people are wary of this activity but the young generally don’t care.

I’m curious, what do the young care about these days?

What do you think of kids spending most of the day on computers and social media out of a box? Is that even a fair assessment?