Oral speech or letter - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

Montaigne says that being late or post is beneficial depending on what transactions, he describes, as it happens, who works better in the lively conversation than in a deep letter. And he tells something else, which deserves to be among the famous quotes Montaigne:

Being quick and unforeseen more like the mind, and to condemnation - to be slow and deliberate.

But when Montaigne says about the quote, surprise appears. Always talk about him. Montaigne always talks to himself, standing in front of the mirror and tells himself - tells us - what he sees.

And when this cliché makes us think about Montaigne, who runs away from the crazy crowd or prefers slow and thoughtful thinking, the good old Montaigne acts as an actor; Improvisation and oral speech in front of the mind and professionals of сustom essay writing, if I had to choose between two things.

Is I read between the row of gratitude for the human figure? A good interlocutor personally? An indispensable presence of another? To bring the school teacher from the world, who described me Montaigne, I will give him a Capon.

So, the words that make me so interpret Montaigne, because the last word is not mine, but yours, an unknown reader:

I am uncomfortable when I own himself and manage himself. The case rules more than me. The case, the company, the very tone of my voice better use my smelter than I, when I explore and use it alone.

So, the words cost more than the written text if you can choose between two things that do not have values.

And I go further, what does this tell us? Perhaps this invitation to realize that we do not think about how we are talking about how we write about whether it is slow, late or somehow different. Perhaps this invitation to write to learn how to think differently, because the letter helps to be accurate, think, washing, rewrite. Perhaps this is an invitation to restore the taste of a conversation with another person. Conversation, dialogue with yourself. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne.

Complex !! i will need to read it carefully.

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Custom eassy writing is a common spam post. Usually they are short with the link. This one appears to have more to it with the link buried in the middle. Clever. I can’t understand the rest. My guess is we won’t here anymore from them

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nice one
talking to ourselves makes us calm and confident, and writing makes us aware of ourselves. really like this.

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I apologize for the quality of translation, the translation of the material was from Spanish.

I am not known for my ability to make predictions, especially about things in the future

unaflores ¿usted habla español? No es la traducción. Son los enlaces en el artículo. Pregunta- ¿Por qué tienes un artículo singular a un sustantivo plural para tu nombre?

Maybe. It’s suspect. Maybe we’ll find out more soon given the pattern or they will ignore me.