Camus in 1961 sees the absurdity

I haven’t read much Camus. I’ve read about him and his impact, but nothing that sums up his outlook. In this, he summarizes how we fought fascism because it seemed right, but we knew we were committing atrocities in doing so. If we keep doing that, being controlled by political forces who only want power is the inevitable outcome. Sad to say, it seems we didn’t listen. I was only 1 year old, and Camus wasn’t included in High School Literature.

There’s a long intro and I haven’t listened to the half hour discussion afterwards, so you really only need 45 minutes, or if your like me, about an hour and a half because you’ll want to take notes. The guy is a genius. He even gives 5 suggestions for what we need to do, with more detail than I’ll list here:

1 - reject fatalism
2 - reduce terror (this was before Mideast terrorism, so he’s talking about European gov’t and state controlled violence)
3 - put politics secondary to the freedoms we all deserve. There is no absolute answers that we can just vote into office
4 - seek values that lead to positive actions
5 - Respect the need for everyone to have enough so they can reflect and contribute to the above

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Faites attention, quand une démocratie est malade, le fascisme vient à son chevet mais ce n’est pas pour prendre de ses nouvelles.

Take care, when a democracy is sick, fascism comes to its bedside but it is not to get news.


How actual is this !

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