One root of anti vaxxer's position!

Came across this and it might explain part of the reason some people are anti vaxxers. It suits the “alternative medicine” philosophy that so many young parents have attached theselves to. it appeared in Dr. Stephen Barrett’s Quackwatch column.
The California Chiropractic Association is actively lobbying against California Senate Bill 277, which would end the state’s “personal belief” exemption against ten types of vaccinations now required to begin school. [Mason M. Chiropractors lobby against bill ending belief exemptions for vaccines. Los Angeles Times, March 5, 2015] CCA’s Web site advises members to say that they are “NOT anti-vaccine we are pro-informed consent and choice.”
Life Chiropractic College West sponsored a talk by Andrew Wakefield, who lost his British medical license for unprofessional conduct related to vaccine scaremongering. The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that he received standing ovations after he advised hundred of students that SB 277 was a step toward mandatory vaccination that could have dire consequences. The paper also noted that the school’s president was considering hiring buses and canceling classes so students could attend a Senate hearing. [Allday E. Anti-vaccine leader tells parents to fight immunization bill. San Francisco Chronicle, April 25, 2015]

Some may be caught up in a sort of dogmatic belief in “alternative medicines”.
I suggest that there are more discrete issues to address that effect one becoming an anti-vaxxer.

  1. A parent tends to view their primary responsibility as protecting their own child from harm (not the herd’s children).
  2. There has been an on-going explosion of the number of vaccines required for infants and young children. It is not an unreasonable fear that injecting lots of stuff into children at the time of the most profound neurological development, could conceivably have some bad results.
  3. That vaccine providers are pretty much immune from legal liabilities, may make sense from a societal well-being perspective, but it is also easy (for me) to understand how individual parents could fear that profits of vaccine providers could take precedence over the provision of safe vaccines.
  4. The vaccine industry has done itself no favors by utilizing Thimerasol (more so in the past but continuing in some vaccines today) as a preservative in vaccines. Any level of the neurotoxin, mercury, seems to me, to be a bad idea to inject into babies and toddlers.