OK, that's funny

I don’t see how this can have any value except humor. I was discussing a post a guy made on facebook and I said that facebook is an echo chamber. He said if I thought his page was an echo chamber then I can just not talk to him.

not talk to him…talk to him…to him…him…im…m

The accidental humor of stupid people makes me chuckle, then makes me sad.

The degree to which the internet is a breeding ground for echo chambers is hard to understand until you stumble into one. Then you run away and try to find something that can, at least partially, rekindle your hope for humanity (thus my new interest in watching those old episodes of TNG.)

The way some of those Facebook groups can whip each other into a greater and greater frenzy with no input from outside, makes me wonder if we could harness that ‘ignorance energy’ to generate power. How ironic would that be if the climate deniers were the source of energy that saves us all?

“I was violating my standards faster than I was able to lower them”

Robin Williams

Illiteraty , A new word in the Oxford dictionary

Finally an antonym : Illiteraty v Illuminaty

This is funneeee…


And a return of Mort Fellner…


George Carlin on cats.


“I have no use for similes or metaphors. Similes are a smokescreen. Metaphors are like camouflage paint, designed to make one thing look like something else.”
That's from http://www.basicinstructions.net/.

That series of comics reminds me so so much of how I am with my friends. We’re only adults in size and time-since-birth.

The accidental humor of stupid people makes me chuckle, then makes me sad.
I know what you mean. Gotta have tough skin to work in IT support.