Naturopath quits

Naturopath blogging about why she quit practice
Britt Hermes, who graduated from Bastyr University in 2011, took a year of postgraduate training, and then practiced in Washington and Arizona, has begun to reveal what she has observed about her ex-profession’s significant inadequacies. Her blog, Naturopathic Diaries: Confessions of a Former Naturopath, discusses the pseudoscientific nature of naturopathy, her reasons for becoming a naturopath, and her reasons for leaving naturopathy. She is also writing occasional articles for Science-Based Medicine. The first SBM article, “ND Confession, Part 1: Clinical training inside and out,” compares what naturopaths tell legislators about their training with what students actually encounter in school. For example, although students are required to have certain numbers of patient contacts for graduation, these numbers may be reached by examining each other rather than real patients.

Thanks for the info Lois. Here is a link to her Blog

I heard about this on The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast this week. Thanks for the link, Mac. Excellent reading.